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Turkey Tracks: Christine’s All-Weather Field Notes: 1/11/2016 – Free Press Online

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Turkey Tracks:  January 15, 2016

Bear Winter Dens

One of the delights of where I live in Camden, Maine, is reading excerpts from Christine Parrish’s field notebook, which is published in THE FREE PRESS.

Recently, Christine wrote about snow-shoeing in back country and finding a bear den breathing hole in the snow.  It’s just an innocuous round hole that emits warm air from…the bear.

This week, Christine fleshed out that earlier post.

Both posts are so fun to read…

So, I offer them to you as a winter treat:


“On New Year’s morning, we broke trail through ten inches of freshly fallen snow on the way to Flagstaff Lake at the foot of the Bigelow Mountains.”

Source: Christine’s All-Weather Field Notes: 1/1/2016 – Free Press Online

“There are times when I have sensed a language of the landscape, a shared communication between its varied occupants, whether predator or prey, tree or shrub.”

Source: Christine’s All-Weather Field Notes: 1/11/2016 – Free Press Online

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January 15, 2016 at 2:20 pm