Interesting Information: Officials Cover Up Dangers of HPV Vaccine – Weston A Price

Interesting Information:  January 18, 2016

HPV Vaccine Danger Cover Up

Well here’s another crack in the HPV/Gardasil vaccine corruption/scam.

Enough young women have been hurt now that the truth is coming out.

Baseline truth:  public/private partnerships DO NOT WORK when the “public” part is staffed by those from the “private” part and who are benefitting financially.

Here’s some quotes:  read the story for more details AND for Lee’s letter.

“Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD, Director, Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, has submitted an official, open-letter complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization about the cover up of HPV vaccine risks.”

“Dr. Lee has submitted a lengthy letter detailing communications between health officials from the US, Canada, Japan, and the WHO, which demonstrate that these officials knew that HPV vaccines cause an inflammatory reaction greater than other vaccines, yet reassured the public in official hearings and statements that the vaccines were safe.”

Source: Officials Cover Up Dangers of HPV Vaccine – Weston A Price

Turkey Tracks: Some “Allietore” Colorways: Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Mystery Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  January 18, 2016

Some “Allietore” Colorways

Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Mystery Quilt

One of the really fun things with regard to Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt is the different colorways people will develop.

This year has been no exception.

You can see how people have developed this quilt with colors different than Bonnie’s on the Facebook page feed “Quiltville’s Open Studio.”

Meanwhile, here are just a few that I pulled off over the last day or so.

To remind, here’s Bonnie’s version:




The one below is made “mostly from men’s shirtings.”


Look at this string border!





There are many, many more examples, of course, including lots of pinks and purples.  I just grabbed a few to give you an idea.

If you are a scrappy quilter and do not know about Bonnie’s Facebook page for those of us who like her work, take a look at Quiltville’s Open Studio.

Turkey Tracks: Clean Dog Teeth

Turkey Tracks:  January 18, 2016

Clean Dog Teeth

Little dogs need clean teeth.

Their health depends upon clean teeth.

My best “go to” method are raw beef bones–and the bones from ribs are the best for a good teeth work out.  Marrow bones are yummy for them, but they eat out the marrow and that’s that.  With the rib bones, the little dogs go back again and again to work the bone.

In winter, giving them a chew bone poses some problems.  For one thing, it’s too cold for them to stay outside for long.  So, it’s a supervised inside endeavor.

Here’s Reynolds with a chew bone on paper on the kitchen floor.


She’s learned to keep the bone on the paper.

No No Penny had to be taught, and the skill is still rocky for her, which is where the “supervised” bit comes into play.

Here’s Rey working her bone–and not where Penny is at the end of the video–as she has finished her bone and is…waiting…

The down side for Reynolds is that she works a bone with her front teeth more than the back teeth.  When Penny gets hold of a bone like this one, you can hear her scraping her back teeth over it from two rooms away.  And, her teeth are shiny clean.

I watched her dig up one of these bones out of the snow yesterday, check it out, and then rebury it.

Dogs are endlessly funny.