Turkey Tracks: It Feels Like Spring: February 2016

Turkey Tracks:  February 22, 2016

It Feels Like Spring:  February 2016

Temps have soared up here in Maine.  In places over this week, some temps will be close to 60 degrees.

I have daffodils coming up through snow patches.

We are to get two days of rain again this week.

Is winter over?

Hard to tell.  We usually get some spring snows, even into April.  But it has just not been a cold, snowy winter this year.

I have been hard at work on so many quilt projects–each and every one a joy to produce.  And more on that later.

Yesterday I took down the Christmas wreath and installed this lovely thing:


How fun is that???


I have another bare branch wreath that I also love.  It lives in the garage in the winter.  I’ll find another spot for it for right now.  Or, rotate it “in” later in the year.


Interesting Information: Vaccines: Why Are So Many People Choosing Not to Vaccinate? | Vision Launch

Interesting Information:  Vaccines:  February 22, 2016

Why Are So Many People Choosing Not to Vaccinate?

This series of 12 essays pretty much covers the anti vaccine argument.  It is chock full of links to further educate–and of course the links are to reputable sources, studies, etc.

Be fully aware that the “story” you’ve been told in the media and in your doctors’ offices that this is “settled science” is far from the truth.  And, remember, that science should never be totally “settled.”  It must always be open to exploration and refinement.  Otherwise, it just morphs into belief system, not science.

You owe it to yourself and your family to read these essays.  The first essay addresses the “famous/infamous” vaccine skeptics.

A Comprehensive Review of Vaccines – Part 1 of 12 What is With All These Vaccine Skeptics?

Here’s a quote from the opening essay:

Most people have a difficult time understanding why any parent would choose not to vaccinate their children. After all, we have been assured by our doctors that clinical trials show that vaccines are safe and effective and that we need to vaccinate to protect everyone. So what’s the reason for these people to refuse vaccination for their children?

Unfortunately, the further we objectively researched the whole body of evidence surrounding vaccines, the more difficult we found it to come to the conclusion that vaccines are safe and effective. The truth is, there isn’t just one reason for vaccine skeptics to forgo vaccination. There are many.

Source: Why Are So Many People Choosing Not to Vaccinate? | Vision Launch