Interesting Information: 2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say – The New York Times

Interesting Information:  February 26, 2016

2015, The Hottest Year on Record

Two of my neighbors now have installed solar panels on their roofs.

I’d LOVE to install solar panels.  It’s a long-held dream.

Yes, even up here in Maine, solar panels will work.

What’s stopping me is that my roof is about 14 or 15 years old, and I don’t want to install solar panels and then have to take them down for a new roof.

Apparently one can get a loan that is a “wash” with current energy bills.

But, maybe, this year I’ll start the conversation with a local solar company with a great reputation.


Meanwhile, here’s an article discussing the heat generated this past year.  There are some great statistics and good graphs AND a link to a “quick question and answer” document that’s interesting.  (Admission:  I don’t agree with the section on meat eating being a major cause of global warming.  The CAFO lots are a problem, but we should be grass-feeding cows anyway.  Meat is a major source of fat soluble vitamins and amino acids in forms that our body accepts.)

Source: 2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say – The New York Times

Turkey Tracks: Carroll Rhodes Risk’s English Paper Piecing Project

Turkey Tracks:  February 25, 2016

Carroll Rhodes Risk’s English Paper Piecing Project

Carroll Rhodes Risk is a Bellevue High School, Bellevue, Nebraska, classmate.

She’s a quilter too!

She saw my blog posts on various English Paper Piecing projects–especially the exciting millefiori projects.

She’s working on tiny circles–and has promised to send along pics of her progress.

Here’s what she has now:



Aren’t these FUN!!!

(Thanks Carroll, for staying connected and for being a quilter.)