Turkey Tracks: Four More Farmer’s Wife Blocks

Turkey Tracks:  March 27, 2016

Four More Farmer’s Wife Blocks

I’m learning so much with these foundation pieced blocks.

I’ve tended to pick fabrics I like together, but they do not always work well together with tiny pieces in this block.

The brown fabric should be much lighter in value.  Close up you can see they are bow-ties, but…


I like the blue/yellow part of this block.  The green/pattern, not so much.  Would have been better with a light aqua.

I’ve decided I’ll redo the green side when I get home from Charleston.  It won’t take that long.  Maybe a reverse of the yellow and blue?


Better.  But yellow is hard in quilting.  I should have reversed the yellow polka dot and the bright blue fabric.


Better…  If this block is installed “on point,” the star works better.  But some blocks “hang” better flat.  Still not sure how to lay out this quilt.


This has been a great learning project.

I’m not going to redo these blocks–there will be 99 of them in the end and these will just blend in.  I’ll take what I’ve learned and move forward.

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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