Turkey Tracks: More “Quilt-lets”

Turkey Tracks:  May 25, 2016

More “Quilt-lets”

Those of you following know that I am making Katja Marek’s 2016 English Paper Piecing Project, which uses fractured hexagons from her book THE NEW HEXAGON.

Here are a few more completed “quilt-lets,” which will eventually be sewn together into a quilt.

I’ve heard two “fox got the hens” stories in the past few days.  Yep.  Fox is raising babies now.


Hedgehogs are on a lot of current quilting fabric.


The pink flower is from a Tula Pink fabric.


Turkey Tracks: Talking Turkey

Turkey Tracks:  May 25, 2016

Talking Turkey

Yesterday morning I woke to find a large gobbler in the yard displaying all his plumage.

I took the ipad camera out onto the deck steps, and he did not spook at all.

Here’s what occurred:

I finally saw the hen he was courting.  She was up the hillside in the woods, blissfully feeding on something in the dead leaves and ignoring him completely.