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Turkey Tracks: One of My Many Addictions!

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Turkey Tracks:  May 20, 2016

One of My Many Addictions!



…the Italian sub from French and Brown.

One half one day, and the other half the next day.

I can’t eat “heat” (hot pepper food allergy), so they leave off the spicy pepperoni and the pepperocini peppers.  I know those foods make this sandwich even better.

One adds the dressing (Italian) and salt and pepper before one eats…

…with potato chips.

The baguette roll is really what makes this sandwich so special, and it is delicious.

(Oh my gluten intolerance gene!  I pay for eating it, so don’t do it too, too often, but it is so, so good.)

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May 20, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Turkey Tracks: Spring Joys!

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Turkey Tracks:  May 20, 2016

Spring Joys!

I’ve been enjoying what I think of as Spring Joys!

And there are many…

The white violets are blooming:


The creeping phlox has taken off:

IMG_1252 (1)

There are still some late daffodils in bloom.  I probably have three or four hundred planted around the place now.


I have an old pair of tennis shoes that are perfect garden/mowing shoes:


Lettuce seeded itself in the cold frame–and I have now planted lettuce, basil, and French Breakfast radishes there:


My grandmother’s mint (Louise Phillips Bryan of Reynolds, Georgia) came back and is thriving in three places in my garden:


I almost lost it ALL winter before last (remember the 10 feet of snow?), and I have had it for over 40 years and have now enjoyed it in gardens in three different houses.

Sheets and laundry are hanging on the clothesline:


The little clothes basket stool that Stephen Pennoyer made for me is TERRIFIC!


The compost back of the garage is ready to put into the garden:


I found a bale of STRAW for the garden–a rarity this time of year.


Best of all, Rose Lowell and I have 11 baby Blue Wheaten chicks at her house:

Look how pretty their wings are:

We love this breed.  The hens are laying machines (blue eggs), are sweet tempered and agile, and the roosters are sweet and great with the hens.  We lost this strain, so we decided to get it back via a new batch of baby chicks–that had to be ordered from a private farm.

David Hannan came, and we have worked hard in the garden/yard today.  All the pots are filled with dirt and positioned around the house.  Now I have only to buy plants (tomorrow) and plant them.


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May 20, 2016 at 1:47 pm