Turkey Tracks: Some Vermont Quilt Show Quilts

Turkey Tracks:  July 13 , 2016

Some Vermont Quilt Show Quilts

Here are some pictures I came home with after the Vermont Quilt Show.

First:  Ruth McDowell, Ruth McDowell, Ruth McDowell…

Sixty-two of her quilts were on display, and they are AWESOME to see in person.

I am a long, long-term fan and took a class with her about 20 years ago.

No pics were allowed, but you can see some of her quilts at her web site:



As I stood there looking at her quilts, I realized that my recent efforts at improvising quilt blocks had a definite Ruth McDowell influence, especially with the use of background fabrics.  Mine are kind of squared off, while hers are fluid and have a lot of angles, but…   Her work has been–apparently–residing in my head for some years now.


Here’s a “best of show” quilt at the show.  I thought it interesting because it was NOT the medallion quilt that is then quilted to death.  I kind of got confused about which was THE best of show quilt as there was another one up front, and it was one of the medallion types.



Here’s Timna Tarr.  She is coming to Coastal Quilters in October, and we are beyond excited.



I loved this group project from an Art Quilt group.  The picture is of Lake Champlain.



This is the kind of quilt that I love best though.  Fun, functional, quirky, and just…yummy.



And here is a low-volume beauty.



This quilt show is fun–very easy to get to, nice folks, and lovely quilts.

Turkey Tracks: Jacob’s Ladder Quilt block

July 13, 2016

Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block

Finished the Jacob’s Ladder blue/neutral quilt top a while back.  Have not slowed down to QUILT IT though.

I am so, so, so enjoying this summer and have been outside a lot and just…busy.

These blocks use the four-patch blocks I made from the 2-inch square bin SUMMER BEFORE LAST!!


I’ve had this backing fabric for some years now–loved it on sight and bought it on sale.  It’s all ironed and ready to be sewn together.

IMG_1415 (1)


Now I just have to slow down and quilt this quilt.