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Turkey Tracks: Lavender Sachets

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Turkey Tracks:  July 22, 2016

Lavender Sachets


On faith, I ordered a pound of organic dried lavender flowers, glued up the 1-inch pentagons, and started sewing.

It didn’t take anytime to make the little sphere, no time to stuff it, and a bit more time to sew the final seams–but I assume that part will get faster as I make MORE of them.

I’d also like to make some green ones with dried balsam, which is the quintessential smell of Maine.

AND, it would be fun to find some dried Rose Geranium, but so far no luck on that.  I might have to fall back on rose petals stuffed into rose-colored spheres.

The pattern came from ALL POINTS PATCHWORK, see below.


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July 22, 2016 at 10:48 am

Turkey Tracks: Hope’s Edge: My CSA

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Turkey Tracks:  July 22, 2016

Hope’s Edge:  My CSA

Hope’s Edge CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) is in full swing now.

Going out there each Tuesday is one of the highlights of my week.

Last week, the road was lined with a wildflower in the Valerian family–which is also sometimes called “Wild Heliotrope,” which it is not.  It is, however, very fragrant.




I picked two quarts of strawberries that smelled and tasted like sweet perfume.  Delicious!

Farmer Tom was haying–and we were meant to have some hot, clear days in a row, so that was a good time to hay.


I look for this bunch of wild flowers on the paved road every year.


I think they are in the “fireweed” family.  I’d have to look them up again to be sure.


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July 22, 2016 at 10:35 am

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Turkey Tracks: My Garden in Late July

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Turkey Tracks:  July 22, 2016

My Garden in Late July

I wish I could bottle the smell of my garden and put it on this blog or Facebook.

The garden is now a mature garden, which means moving some things around each year and filling some “holes,” but mostly it just needs mulch, fertilizer some times, weeding, and watering.

The white Annabelles are just crazy this year.

After mowing in the cool of the late afternoon the other day, I took pics of them and then could not stop.

So here’s my garden in late July:





The far “hedge” is a mixture of raspberries (up front), Rugosa Roses, Bay, and wildflowers.



The veggie garden is struggling this year with the cool weather and more shade as the trees below have filled out even more.



I weeded the rock paths yesterday.  Weeds LOVE rocks.




This garden needs weeding and some deadheading.




Work of the gold bug beetle.  See an earlier post for a picture of one.



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July 22, 2016 at 10:31 am