Turkey Tracks: A Sunday Walk

Turkey Tracks:  February 27, 2017

A Sunday Walk

Yesterday was warm.

In fact, we’ve been blessed with a warm and sunny spell these last few days.

No No Penny and I have been out walking–our “sap” is rising with the warmth–so I am not ready quite yet to let go of the winter hibernation I also love.  But, one reason I love living in Maine is that we have four solid and very different seasons to experience.  And, of course, in each season is a teaser for the one before and the one to come.

No No Penny and I checked on Saturday to see if we could get into one of our favorite walks.  Yes.  There was mud, but the paths were open.  And mud is no threat to an LLBean boot.


No No Penny was deliriously happy to be outdoor and free on this beautiful day.  It is hard to believe that she is 14 sometime this year, but she has slowed down some.  Rat terriers are up for “play” no matter how old they get, for the most part.

I love this view from the first of our walk:


The little retaining pond is still frozen, but water is rushing everywhere around us.


Deer footprints abound in the soft soil.  This one is very light–probably a young doe or a newish baby.  There are deeper tracks near by from a heavier deer.



The little creek is singing pretty loud:

And the vibrant green moss is glowing amidst the mud and vanishing snow.


The big brush pile has gotten bigger.  It provides needed safety places for all kinds of animals over the winter.



Someone built a lot of cairns in the woods last summer/fall.  They are still there.


Out of the woods, the wind is sharp with brisk cold.  It is refreshing and tangy after closed in winter rooms.

Can you see the sun shining on the bay at the edge of the land and sky?


And when we are “up top,” the bay is clearly visible.


What a gift is the access I have to this walk.  What a gift this land, this place, this moment.

We go home exhilarated and happy and planning more walks while the weather holds and beyond, to the coming spring and summer and fall and, yes, the winter.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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