Turkey Tracks: Sunday Spring Sunshiny Walk

Turkey Tracks:  April 23, 2017

Sunday Spring Sunshiny Walk

I shared another Sunday walk as we coastal Mainers got a hint of spring.

Now, spring is here, in all its unfolding glory.  The grass has greened up and soon will need to be mowed.  Spring bulbs and forsythia are blooming.  Flowering trees are starting.  The woods are tinged red as the red maples bloom.  This week, the forest will begin to take on that special “spring” green that emerging leaves create.  We have shed heavy coats for the most part, though it is spring in Maine, and we do get temps that run up and down the scale of cool to warm.

No No Penny and I spent a head-clearing, liberating hour, plus, in one of our favorite places, savoring all the spring signs.  Pen and I both love the freedom she has on this property.  She loves to feel like she is “working” with me on “something,” so she hunts the woods alongside me and listens for any directions or praise she might get from me.

Here’s the spring version of a late winter shot I posted earlier this year.

Red maples blooming against a spring blue sky:

Water, from recent rains and snow melt, is pouring off the high places.  Temporary creeks are everywhere.

The small retention pond is full.  The white dot on the far side is No No Penny.

Here comes the Happy Dog, who thought I called her.

Here’s a temporary creek:

And here’s a more permanent creek:

As we came along one of the other ponds, a pair of geese objected strongly.  Geese can be formidable foes, actually.  The male followed us around the entire pond, warning us all the way along.  There is either a nest in process, or soon will be.

We visited the horses, who come out of the barn to see us.

The one on the right is very tall.  And, friendly.

From this point, we head back up the hill, retracing our way back to the car.

Now, there is a tired dog and a woman who is deeply happy for the past hour.

At home, the windchimes sing a welcome.