Turkey Tracks: Clean Pots and Pans

Turkey Tracks:  April 26, 2017

Clean Pots and Pans

Friend Linda McKinney found the most amazing cleaning product that she mixes up at home.  Something called “Spray Nine.”  I am not even going to ask what is in it because it cleans the black grease acquired over many cooking years from the bottom and sides of pots and pans.  Yes, it also takes a lot of elbow grease and a brillo pad and a rougher metal pad, but the job gets done.

I am trying to do at least two a week now.

Looky, looky.  Of course the small one needs cleaning too.  Both of these pans/pots are beloved by me.  The omelet pan was completely black on the sides and bottom.  It will need some more work, but…

I got at the smaller pot before it gets any worse.

Next bad pot, I’ll take before and after shots.  I promise.

But I have to tell you, I’m on a pot/pan cleaning roll.

Thanks Linda!