Turkey Tracks: Summer Sewing

Turkey Tracks:  July 10, 2017

Summer Sewing


This kind of thing happens when I lose my sewing focus and spend hours outside.

I start to sew but find myself reorganizing sewing supplies and fabrics.

Yes, I really use all these colors…

They are the result of 20+ years of quilting.

Done–the spools were a snarly mess.

I spent one summer totally redoing my stash–cutting up lots of it into Bonnie Hunter’s stash system of strips and cut squares and rectangles.  I have not looked back from that effort.

And I spent another summer making 4-patch squares in an effort to empty the 2-inch square bin which was overflowing.  I finished with 1,600!!! 4-patches and still have some left after making FIVE quilts to use them up.

What will this summer bring?  Am I finished after organizing the thread spools?  Can I get back to actually sewing something now?

I did finish Big Star Quilt.  Pics to come.


Turkey Tracks: It’s Summer: Bryan, Corinne, and the Girls Visit

Turkey Tracks:  July 10, 2017

It’s Summer!

Bryan, Corinne, and the Girls Visit

Hello everyone!

I have not posted in a while, but…IT’S SUMMER.

And I have been enjoying it!

Summer brings many happy hours outside in my garden.  It’s always hard for me to shift gears from mostly sewing to mostly gardening, but that shift has now happened.

Summer brings my family to Maine–in two batches this year.

Son Bryan, DIL Corinne, and their three little girls have just come and gone.

I picked them up in Portland, and we always stop by LLBean on the way home.  It is now mid-afternoon, and these folks started out around 4 a.m. to get here.  This LLBean is the home store of the chain.  If you don’t know, LLBean made its reputation with this boot.  When I was growing up, to have a pair of LLBean boots was really special.  LLBean would resole them upon request, and these boots wore and wore and wore and wore.  As a girl, it didn’t occur to anyone to get me a pair!!!  Can I say that I bought myself a pair when we first moved to Maine thirteen years ago now.  And I love them.

The girls are 6, 4, and 2.  The six year old will be SEVEN in November, which is hard to believe.

I love this series of photos–of a very good daddy with a tired 2-year old in LLBean:

This little one had very clear ideas of what kind of rain boots she might like.  She took them from the display wall and tried them on.

Breakfast at Boynton McKay in Camden is a “must do.”  They make the best pancakes and serve real maple syrup with them.

Pictures on the harbor green are also a “must do.”  Here’s where the July 4th music, picnics, and fireworks take place.

You have to be quick to get the picture:

Here’s one of the bouquets the two older girls put together from my garden.  They are both getting interested in “gardening” and liked picking the strawberries and raspberries in my garden.

I’ve picked a quart of raspberries on each of the last three days, and there are many more to come as the bushes are loaded this year.  I have no idea WHY.

We had a great visit.  I was remiss in not taking more pictures as interesting outings occurred every day.  But…I get in the moment and forget to take pictures.  These girls live near one of the wide sandy southern beaches, so our rocky Maine beaches fascinated them as they discovered so many critters than were new to them.

The oldest won her “Maine Water Wings” for getting in our cold bay water!!  She now has bragging rights with her cousins–who are coming later this month.  She also went home a “wounded warrior” from a downhill fall July 4th night.  She’s a trooper though, and her face has already healed up according to Mom.

I miss them already!