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Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts in July 2017

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Turkey Tracks:  August 12, 2017

Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts in July 2017

Our “traveling” quilts are getting bigger.  AND MORE EXCITING!

Here’s what I did to Joanne Moore’s quilt,  I connected one of her original blocks, the big square on the bottom to the right of the lower stars.  I thought it had the same organic feel of the curved block to the left of it. I added the colorful vertical strips to set off this next section, a la Jen Kingwell.  And, added blocks of “made” fabric, as I know Joanne is “making” fabric too.  Then I added the long sweeping “stem” filled with text-fabric leaves–from a fabric collection on Becca Babb-Brott’s Etsy Store, Sew Me A Song.  We were challenged to make and use bias tape, using a guide from the Lucky Spool Media workbook:  MIGHTY LUCKY Quilting Club 2016 Workbook, chapter one by Krista Fleckenstein, “Quilts from Your Sketchbook:  Shapes and Curves Using Bias Tape.”

Becca Babb Brott did not want her quilt blocks connected.  Lynn Vermeulen added to it by making the AWESOME birds and butterfly blocks.  I can’t wait to see how this quilt turns out.  It’s got some really interesting blocks going on–and more to come.

Becca’s theme words are “The More I Wonder, the More I love.”

Vicki Fletcher added this adorable dog block to Megan’s quilt.  She added the hexie flowers as Megan does a LOT of EPP work, including finishing Willyne Hammerstein’s “La Passacaglia” quilt.  Look at the Cotton+ Steel fabrics and the selvage dog collar.  Megan LOVES her two dogs.  The coral background adds some zip to the other blocks as well.  I love this block addition.

Here’s another shot of  how the blocks in this quilt are shaping up.

Tori Manzi worked on Margaret Elaine Jinno’s quilt–adding the funky, fun, clever “village” components below.  M-E’s theme is “village”–as in, I think, it takes one to…

Love the stained glass church windows:

I am apparently tree crazy at the moment, so, yes, I love these trees.  The funky houses are spectacular!


Becca made this amazing line of color paint tubes–carefully geared to the Allison Glass fabrics Tori used in her flying geese circle.  And, I think, the line of on-point squares.  She tried to link the blocks but felt something was missing, so left them alone.

Nancy Wright added the colorful sewing machine and awesome dressmaker fabric to Lynn’s quilt.  Lynn is now saying she does not mind if this quilt becomes larger than a small wall-hanging.  Megan added the embroidered red heart on the left.  Quilters use embellishment and red work frequently.

Becca made this astonishing foundation pieced lighthouse for Linda Satkowski’s quilt.  (She did double duty this month as Margaret Elaine had an operation on her hand, which is much better but not able to sew yet.)

This block is a terrific addition to this quilt.  Terrific.

Linda worked on Vicki’s quilt, adding the smaller stars on the bottom and the selvage tulip with it’s bias strip stem and leaves.  Isn’t that a clever use of selvages?  And the bias tape project here answers Becca’s challenge to us.  The small foundation pieced stars replicate the bigger star with which Vicki started this quilt.  Clever, innovative, adorable ideas here.

I am working on this quilt now–and I’m having so much fun coming up with ideas for this quilt.

We are skipping August as everyone is so busy in this late summer time.  We will again bring the quilts to our September meeting.

I can’t wait.

Turkey Tracks: Second Family Visit July 2017

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Turkey Tracks:  August 12, 2017

Second Family Visit July 2017

Hello there!

I have not disappeared totally.  I have just been enjoying the richness of a July filled with family visits.

Both sons came in July, bringing their wonderful families with them.

I posted after the younger son’s terrific visit–with some pictures for family and friends who read this blog.

The older son’s family left last weekend–also after a terrific visit.

All sewing pretty much halted, except for some hand sewing on the millifiore here and there.

So, July life was busy and full of shared experiences.

The children in my older son’s family are older now–so are “up” for exploring.  Some or all of them went on an eco tour on the Lively Lady to learn about lobsters and other Bay life, to Squirrel Island, to Hupper Island, and to Bar Harbor.  They, too, fell in love with the Ducktrap river, where it runs into the bay.  They hunted in the low-tide shallows for green crabs (at one point taking all my kitchen tongs to help in the capture), enjoyed the flora and fauna of this spot which is so different from southern beaches, and swam the river on the incoming tide by using the forceful inner flow to carry them from one side to the other.  (Maine has big tides.)  They can all swim to the float at Barret’s Cove on Megunticook Lake–a rite of passage.  And, one day, they were terrific help with gardening tasks, from mowing, to weed whacking, to pulling and storing this year’s garlic, to trimming trees and shrubs, to weeding crab grass, to dead-heading, etc.  They were amazing.

Somehow I have only these pictures, taken by their parents at Bar Harbor atop Cadillac Mountain.  I was having too much fun to carry around my phone for its camera.

Good visit!



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Turkey Tracks: How to Fold a Quilt to Minimize Creases – Quilting Digest

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Turkey Tracks:  August 12, 2017


Hopefully you also know NOT to put cotton quilts into any kind of wooden chest as a chemical reaction occurs between the wood and the cotton, especially with dyes in the cotton.  Or, on any kind of UNTREATED (as in varnish or paint) wood, like an unpainted ladder.

And, not to put a quilt into a plastic box for storage.

Fold quilts, as below, put into a clean pillow case, and store on shelves, like closet shelves.  Quilts need to breath.

Source: How to Fold a Quilt to Minimize Creases – Quilting Digest

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