Turkey Tracks: The INDOOR Belfast Farmers’ Market

October 31, 2017

The INDOOR Belfast Farmers’ Market

Oh my goodness!

I was totally blown away by how many vendors are at this market.

Run folks!  Don’t walk to visit.

And it’s going to go all year around.

As I entered from the back side:

Rows and rows of vendors:

And a nice area where one could eat the delicious foods they had just purchased.

At some point, when I recovered from being totally overwhelmed, I pulled out my camera:

These earrings are WOVEN:

There were booths carrying every food imaginable:  meats, cheeses, vegetables, pastas, baked goods, canned foods, ready-to-eat foods.  There were all sorts of fiber crafts.  And wonderfully smelly things involving herbs and plants and spices and…you name it.

One of my favorite booths was manned by Jet Vaillancourt of ECO TOTES.  Yes is from a farm in Swanville, Maine, and she is a woman after my own heart because SHE IS RECYCLING.

Here’s what I first saw:

She was making a bowl out of plastic bags.

Then I looked closer:

Totes, like I’ve been making:

But she’s gone much farther:


Open wallet:

Little zippered bags:

We had a nice conversation about ZipIT, an easy store that sells gorgeous zippers, zipper heads, zipper fobs at reasonable prices.

On our way out, the man who put this all together had a nice conversation and a nice “good-bye” for us:

Yes, many of the vendors were dressed in Halloween gear.

What a fun visit.


Turkey Tracks: Front Door Whimsy

Turkey Tracks:  October 31, 2017

Front Door Whimsy

We are recovering from–and I quote the radio news–“the worst power outage in the history of Maine.”

I’ve been without power since yesterday morning.

My new favorite words:  “my generator.”

It runs EVERYTHING, which means I can watch tv, wash, sew, and not worry about food going bad in freezers in this warm weather.

A day or so before the storm, I stood outside and placed drying marigolds from a gift pot (thanks Betsy and Bill) into the front door wreath.

I later found the wreath in the front yard–with a few flowers still intact.

I’ve been through lots of storms up here on Howe Hill, but I’ve never felt the house shake and tremble and groan like it did in the worst of the storm.

Mother is so not happy with us.