Turkey Tracks: Zoe’s Lullaby Log Cabin

Turkey Tracks:  December 2, 2017

Zoe’s Lullaby Log Cabin

This quilt started as a leader/ender ongoing project.  Before I knew it, I had 16 of these 10 1/2-inch blocks.  I was loving using bright strips from my 1 1/2-inch bin.  And I have a lovely collection of low-volume fabrics now.    I’ve wanted to make a log cabin for some time for some reason—and when I started, I loved playing around with the centers by making them different sizes and adding some cute animals.

I had in mind a special “little stranger” who was coming to join the human race some time in January or February.  Or so I thought.  This baby would be the first grandchild of my beloved friend Gina Caceci.  And the child of a young man I watched grow up down in Virginia.

Imagine my surprise when Gina mentioned that the baby was due in LATE NOVEMBER!!  Making this quilt went immediately into overdrive, but none of the joy of making it lessened.  And the baby arrived safe and sound last week.  Welcome Zoe!

This backing was chosen after I knew the sex of the baby.  I love it for a girl!

I quilted with yellow/green thread that matches the back really well.  The pantograph is “Acadia” by Patricia E. Ritter.  It’s a favorite of mine.

All the animals in the center do face the same way in terms of up and down—and that proved to be a bit tricky.

I would also say that I am very careful with log cabin blocks when I sew because it is so very easy to get “off” rather quickly.  I measure as I go along and if there is a problem, I can fix it right away.  I believe that with a block as big as 10 1/2-inches unfinished, it is very very easy to get “off.”  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it anyway.  AND, the quilt was true as a result, which made quilting if on the long arm really easy.

I LOVE this quilt!!!  It has great energy.

Poems: Haiku 11 and Learning Herringbone Pattern

Poem:  November 27, 2017

Haiku 11 and Learning Herringbone Pattern


November 26, 2017

White birches in the
Winter woods seem like ice spikes
Piercing the sky bowl.


Here’s my first attempt at making Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s herringbone pattern—from her new book MODERN QUILT MAGIC.  It uses 2 by 8-inch strips.  This SAMPLE  has been trimmed to make a pillow.  For right now I’m just putting this sample into the Parts Department box.  Lord knows I do NOT need any more pillows in my house!!!

And I learned what I need to know.

I do think that I will use this pattern to make a Cotton+Steel low volume lap quilt—a project I have longed to make for some months now.


Poems: Haiku 7 and Work of the Hands

Poems:  November 26, 2017

Haiku 7 and Work of the Hands


November 24, 2017

Penny at fifteen

Will puppy plan and snuggle

Gift lessons for me


It’s a rainy day.

I’m working on the Bonnie Hunter 2017 mystery quilt—alongsides friends near and far—and listening to a Jo Nesbo book (downloaded from the Maine state library system).


More pics of finished clue to follow later.

Turkey Tracks: Walking Haikus, Haiku 6

Turkey Tracks:  November 25, 2017

Walking Haikus


November 23, 2017

Walking haikus make

Themselves with no distractions

Soul rhythms emerge


Thanksgiving day No No Penny and I walked our “lake” walk.  It’s one of the areas where she can be off-leash, which pleases us both.

The following pictures illustrate what happens when one just sees, hears, and feels on a walk…

…because then an attachment to nature emerges.

The lake is still low from the summer and early fall drought:

The wind over the water is cold so I don a hat and gloves and tighten my neck scarf and zip up my coat.  The cold wind is bracing though and clears out one’s head.

I am reminded of friend Giovanna McCarthy when I feel the warmth of the scarf she made me around my neck.

Penny sets a good pace for us.  But she wanders, too, and that’s what a walk is about for her.  If she gets too far behind, two whistles bring her running to touch my palm.  It’s a game she likes.

The leaves are all gone now.  Look at the color of the sky.  It’s so blue.  It’s not unusual to see rock climbers scaling that cliff.

A view of the lake in the bend of the road.  the white speck at the left edge of the road is Penny.

A small group of mallards comes close enough to get a picture.  The blue sky’s reflections dance across the water.

When I get back into the car, my head is full of haikus.


Turkey Tracks: Ready, Set, Go!

Turkey Tracks:  November 25, 2017

Ready, Set, Go!

The first clue for the 2017 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, “On Ringo Lake,” came out yesterday.

I’m ready!

All my fabrics are ironed and ready to be cut.

The first clue will need the black, the grey, and the neutrals.  Nine 9-patches with grey, neutrals, and the black in the center.

Visit Bonnie Hunter’s blog instructions if you want to join in or see what’s in Clue 1:  Quiltville.com.  The “On Ringo Lake” tab is at the top of the blog.