Turkey Tracks: Timna Tarr’s Quilted Maps

November 2, 2017

Timna Tarr’s Quilted Maps

Timna Tarr is coming back for a workshop at Coastal Quilters (Maine) this month.

And it is not a moment too soon, as our 2017/2018 CQ challenge is making a map.  Many of us will be doing some form of Timna’s quilty maps, but the “map” category is wide open.  One could do any kind of map or map metaphor rather than a literal map.  Our efforts will hang at the state quilt show in July 2018:  Pine Tree Quilt Guild.

Here’s the kind of “Timna map” I want to do.

This quilt is one of her earliest maps, but I adore it.

Here is another:

I’m thinking this one includes more appliqué.

Timna is just finishing a map of the Mississippi river tributaries.  You can go to the gallery on her web site to see more of her work:  timnatarr.com.  And she has a blog where there are pictures of the Mississippi River Quilt.

I went to Camden’s online tax maps to get a start on my projects,  I was able to isolate what I wanted and to take a screen shot that I printed with the landscape orientation.  Next, I took those printed maps to Staples, and they blew them up further.  I asked for 20 wide by 14 deep.  The lot sizes are now big enough for me to work with them I think.

Here are my maps, printed on a kind of vinyl:

A map of the Megunticook Lake and river environs, which includes my house lot.  I am not on lake front property, but am close to the lake or river.  This river runs into Camden harbor via a dramatic waterfall.

And a map of the center of Camden and our harbor.

Where to start???

My own house lot I think–to learn the skills.  Then, if I like the work, the town.

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