Turkey Tracks: Me-Made-May

Turkey Tracks:  May 9, 2018


I am well on my way with garment making this year.

I probably can’t wear something I’ve made every day for the whole month of May yet, but I am not far off.  I can probably do it if I wear things multiple times.  I LOVE sewing clothing.

Looky, looky at new additions to my wardrobe:

Grainline Studio:  The Morris Blazer:  The coral knit is not very stretchy.  I’m still figuring out where I fit between a 12 and a 14, especially with tops.  And I’ve learned I do better with a 12 in a top if the knit is stretchy.  This garment fits, but only just.  So I wanted a sleeveless layering piece to go with.  I will make this adorable jacket again for the fall in a 14.

Grainline Studio:  Willow Tank top.  Pattern also extends to a dress.  I used double gauze and LOVE this top.  Will wear both pieces with either a jean or natural skirt.  Or, stretch jeans.  AND, I will be making this one again and again for this summer.  Overlaying it with a garment shirt would also be lovely.

100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 3:

This is my second dress from this pattern.  This pattern is very…big.  Cheryl Rodriguez (my sewing teacher) and Becca Babb-Brott (see her Etsy store Sew Me A Song) have helped me to tighten it in the right places and to redraw the neckline and shorten the sleeves.  I just finished this one last night.  Our Maine spring runs cool to warm, so I can wear various types of white t-shirts beneath it.  Or throw on a pair of leggings.  The fabric is Essex Linen.

Here is a close-up of this gorgeous steel grey and cobalt blue fabric:

And you can see how pretty white sets off the fabric.  I will get a lot of summer wear out of this one for sure.  So pretty too with my Ka Ora silver bracelets–see earlier post.

I am cutting out accumulated fabrics now and will have a sewing marathon when I get home from my quilty retreat to the Franciscan Guest House for Mother’s Day weekend.



Turkey Tracks: Who Ordered All Those Bulbs Anyway?

Turkey Tracks:  May 9, 2018

Who Ordered All Those Bulbs Anyway?

Every fall, I am done with the summer and ready to move into our fall/winter seasons.  Or I’m almost done cleaning up and winterizing and am ready to start intense sewing again.

Of course, that is also when the fall bulbs arrive in the mail.  You know, the ones I ordered way last spring.

I am, inevitably, disgruntled at the need to plant them.

BUT, here’s why one might order all those bulbs in the spring…

The daffs really love my little meadow down front.  They are spreading so nicely.

The daffs below were planted last fall and have not had time to bulk up yet.

The front yard is now full of the Siberian blue scilla that are spreading.  And we (my friend David Hannan) planted (not pictured here) bulbs in front (shown above) and on the far side and in the back last year.  In a year or two they will be thicker.  Also, deer don’t like daffodils.  They adore tulips.

It’s time to go find the Fedco bulb catalog…