Turkey Tracks: “Winter: Dawn Trees” quilt

Turkey Tracks:  May 8, 2018

“Winter:  Dawn Trees” Quilt

This quilt is my own design, and I really love the way it came out.  I am a bit fixated on winter trees anyway, and, also, on the amazing Maine winter dawn light that coats the earth with a marmalade color that I love.  Winter in Maine is, actually, very colorful.  I chose the purple of the trees based on the purple shadows that appear over the snow in winter.

The quilt started in a workshop with Amy Friend (blog:  during quiet time) that used her newly issued book IMPROV PAPER PIECING.  I drew the three blocks on what was then EQ7.  I have since upgraded to EQ8.  (The other quilt that came out of that workshop was a big star made with Cotton+Steel fabrics–see below and see an earlier blog post).

Right now the quilt is hanging in my quilt room–which is a bit messy as I’m packing for a weekend quilty retreat.

Sarah Fielke’s “The Seasons” in the book she co-authored with  Kathy Doughty:  MATERIAL OBSESSION 2.

I also have a bare trees pattern designed by Carolyn Friedlander which I may start next winter.  I love the pattern.

Here’s the Cotton+Steel Big Star Quilt:

Amy is a marvelous teacher, and the way she teaches her students how to design their own patterns is…wonderful.  And surprisingly easy.


Turkey Tracks: More Roasting

Turkey Tracks:  May 8, 2018

More Roasting

Roasting makes an easy, delicious meal.

Here are chicken breasts with an assortment of veggies.  Aren’t the Chioggia beets pretty?

I drizzle with olive oil.  Or, sometimes with melted Red Palm Oil, which is chock full of nutrients—and not part of the palm oil industrial problem.  It’s practically a medicine.  Sprinkle with GOOD salt and herbs.  And, sometimes, chopped garlic and ginger.  I roast for 40 minutes, then pull off the veggies (broccoli gets burned otherwise) and turn the heat up and the convection oven on.  It only takes a few more minutes to really brown the chicken breasts until the skin is bubbly and crispy.  You could use the oven’s broiler feature for this step as well.

Here’s my dinner.  Chicken breasts are so huge now that half works just fine.  I’ll get another meal and a whole breast for two salad lunches.

Here’s one of my salad lunches, using leftover steak.  I also had one ball of some fresh mozzerella to use.  It was too much, so I ate half and ate the other half for dinner with a roasted chicken thigh and some sauteed zucchini and summer squash added—just a simple sautee with duck fat and dried herbs and salf.  OK, I also heated some leftover smashed potatoes with loads of butter added.

Yes!  She cooks!