Turkey Tracks: “Megunticook Marmalade” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  June 1, 2018

“Megunticook Marmalade” Quilt

Oops!  This post got published too early by mistake…

My apologies.

Here is my Bonnie Hunter 2017 Mystery Quilt “On Ringo Lake.”  I changed the colors and am calling it “Megunticook Marmalade” after our local lake and river.

I quilted with 12-inch “Simple Feathers” by Anne Bright–in a light grey Signature thread.  I love my backing–a Cotton+Steel fabric.

Here’s a corner.

And some shots of the quilt top.



This quilt is…beyond…intricate.  It’s one of the hardest quilts I’ve ever made, and it is my 142nd quilt.  I love tiny pieces and units, so that wasn’t it.  I was stressed by how many of the seams butted up to each other–and this quilt does have some “knots” at intersections, though I tried clipping into seams as much as possible.  It also took me forever to put the top together.  Many, many, many hours.  I am now seeing all sorts of secondary patterns, so I suppose it was worth all the work and stress.

Bonnie Hunter is an amazing designer.  For sure.

Turkey Tracks: Yummy!

Turkey Tracks:  June 1, 2018


It is yummy to be on my porch in the Maine spring and summer.  I spend a lot of time out here in the summer.

All the container pots are planted now and are growing well.  That means DAILY WATERING.  But I don’t care.  The feeling of being on either porch–upper or lower–is about which life should be.  And I do like the summer work of porch, lawn, and gardens.  Doing this work makes me feel…connected, alive, energetic, satisfied.

I’m putting the binding on Bonnie Hunter’s 2017 Mystery Quilt “On Ringo Lake.”  I changed the colors so I’m calling it “Megunticook Marmelade.”  Pics and post to follow soon.  This quilt is kind of a “fit” with my “Butterscoth Fall” finished last winter.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken a quilt out on the porch while sewing binding.  Who knew it would be so peaceful?

And here is more yummy!!  A hammock where the hot tub used to be!!!  I put it TOGETHER MYSELF, which was no small feat given the angles that had to fit together.  I got into it to test it out and…did not want to get out.  Where was my book?  How about a nap???

Here’s the lower porch.  You can sit out here in the rain.  I only use the upper deck, seen above, in the winter when it is sunny and one can sit out there with a sweater despite pretty cold temps.  In the summer this porch is way, way too hot.


On the walkway.  Love it when this creeps blooms.


Summer is here!