Turkey Tracks: More Mt. Battie Tula Pink Quilts in Our October 2018 Meeting

Turkey Tracks:  October 30, 2018

More Mt. Battie Tula Pink Quilts

In Our October 2018 Meeting

Tula Pink’s 100 Modern Quilt Blocks were a challenge started in, I think, 2016.  Quite a few Coastal Quilters and Mt. Battie Modern members made these blocks.  Here are a few more:

Linda Satkowski set her blocks in dark grey—in the city scape format and with color groups together.  I am a bit nutty over dark grey these days, so of course I love this quilt top!


Becca Babb-Brott’s top was finished in early spring, but she had a really busy summer, as did I.  So we finally slowed  down and got her quilt on the long arm a few weeks ago.

She chose to do a simple wavy line—not wanting to take away from the setting and blocks.  The wavy lines are like wind blowing against the buildings of the city scape format.

Tori Manzi opted to set her blocks without sashing and with color blocks.  Wow!  What a pretty quilt!


Tori used Carolyn Friedlander’s new text fabric that has big letters.  Boy do I like that fabric.

Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie October 2018 Show and Tell

Turkey Tracks:  October 30, 2018

Mt. Battie October 2018 Show and Tell

Roxanne Wells visited our meeting and brought a quilt to show:  “Screech.”

Oh my.  How glorious is this quilt?  But Roxanne’s quilts always are…glorious works of art.  She used machine decorative stitches extensively in this one, which inspired us all.  Thanks, Roxanne, for sharing.

Becca Babb-Brott has finished this big hexie quilt for her daughter.  We are holding it sideways to keep it off the floor.  I like the puce green binding too.  This one will be snuggly for a long, long time, which is it’s purpose.

Becca quilted very loosely—going around the big blocks and putting two stripes down the center of each.  I should have taken a picture of the back, as the quilting pattern looks really nice there.

Linda Satkowski bright her hand-made hexie flower quilt top to share.  We saw it in progress some time back, but here it is all done.  We will look forward to seeing it totally completed.  What a fantastic quilt!


A number of Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks quilts also came to the meeting.  They are in a separate post.