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Turkey Tracks: AC’s Cold Sunday

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Turkey Tracks:  December 18, 2018

AC’s Cold Sunday

AC Slater is 9 months old this month, and I’ve had him since September 1st.  In 3 1/2 months he has come a long way in terms of training, growing bigger and shedding puppy ways, and learning about cold weather in Maine.  He’s shedding like crazy as he is growing a Maine winter coat now.  (He came from Arkansas.)

He has a ton of terrier energy, so on a recent Sunday when it was really too cold and icy out to be tramping through the woods, he figured out ways to amuse himself—in between trying to get me to play with him.  No No Penny, in the face of being confined inside with him, hunkered down in her bed and tried to ignore him.

I tried to sew, but AC kept finding things that were “dangerous” and needed my immediate attention.  The front-load washing machine for instance.  The turning clothes and noises had to be checked out AT ONCE.  (He’s a good watch dog.)  A roll of new quilt batting propped against a wall, waiting for help to load it on to the long arm carrier fell over, and it became an object of suspicion for some time following.

AC has recently gotten really vocal.  Here he is with a squirrel we trapped—one of the dreaded red squirrels.  And he’s taken to making these noises when we ride up to the dog park, which he loves.  Yes, I rehomed the squirrel a long way from my property and not near other properties.

Ac and the squirrel

And here he is trying to steal Penny’s treat.

AC stealing treat








Written by louisaenright

December 18, 2018 at 10:28 am

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  1. A real handful! But darling! I can’t wait to get myself moved and my international travel out of the way, so I can finaly get a dog again. I miss my last one, Maxiewobble, so much. Never barked, never shed…always loving. Happy Holidays dear Lovey!

    June Derr

    December 18, 2018 at 11:24 am

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