Turkey Tracks: AC is So Funny

Turkey Tracks:  January 29, 2019

AC is So Funny

AC is 10 months old now and is getting increasingly vocal as he meshes more with his new home and me.  He is my shadow, outside and inside.  He is, actually, very bossy.

The dog park has been so good as the woods are filled with ice right now.  The dog park requires for me to have spikes on my boots, but that’s ok.  No slipping and sliding for me.

There is the most beautiful red fox in my woods.  AC and I have seen him several times now–including at 6 am this morning from my bedroom window.  I had to distract AC for a time as I know that if I put him out, he’d breech his boundaries and I’d find him in another county if I was lucky.  AC, I’m convinced, is part fox himself.

AC and fox

I’ve never had a dog before who was aware of the tv, much less watched it.  AC is very aware of images and sounds on the tv.  If he sees something he finds suspicious or dangerous he runs to the tv, growls and barks at the offending images, and when called, retreats to the couch next to me where he emits low growls to ward off the danger.

AC and the TV




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