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Turkey Tracks: Snow Beauty

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Turkey Tracks:  February 24, 2019

Snow Beauty

I took this video one day last week.  I thought to try to share the beauty I was seeing on the blog.  There is something about softly falling snow that is so…calming.



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February 24, 2019 at 8:59 am

Turkey Tracks: The “36-Ring Circus” EPP Project

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Turkey Tracks:  February 24, 2019

The “36-Ring Circus” EPP Project

…is taking shape.

There are six rows, six rings to a row.  I’m working on the last ring of row one now.

This project is the hardest I’ve done as sewing the rings to the center block is challenging.  There is a learning curve here, but I am getting faster now, which is also probably driven by seeing enough of it now to think I like it.

So far, the centers are Cotton+Steel, but I’m not sure I’ll keep to those fabrics.  The outer rings are pastels, and the inner connecting pieces are solid darks.  The quilt is designed by Joanne Lewis, and the pattern is at Paper Pieces.  I did NOT buy all the templates for the centers, just the ones for the center points and the rings.  It’s easy enough to just trace what I need for the centers from the paper templates and add an eyeballed seam allowance.


A few years back I discovered that this old lap top “table” platform works great for EPP projects.  With pins and clips, I can keep everything together, from my thimble, my thread, to my scissors.  PLUS, the high width of one side is perfect in terms of getting the project up high enough from my lap so that I am not hunching over and making my neck sore.  I usually sew this project at night in front of the tv, so I prop the top edge against a tv table edge, and that makes the height-from-lap distance really perfect.


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February 24, 2019 at 8:48 am