Turkey Tracks: Green!

Turkey Tracks:  May 23, 2019


Suddenly, everything in Mid-Coast Maine is so…green.

Spring, as is usual here, creeps in slowly, teasing use each day with bits of promise.  Then, all at once, we realize, the famous Maine lush green is well on the way.  The trees are looking all soft and fluffy with spring green leaves now.

The daffodils have been spectacular this year.  Look at how they have spread in the little meadow I have:

I have completed the “first mow” of the lawn.  You can see the raspberries coming into leaf running alongside the grass on the left.  The daffs in front have filled in with white daffs since this pic was taken.

The cold frame I seeded and covered back in the fall is full of beautiful lettuce.  I never get tired of his miracle.  I uncovered it as the temps are warm enough now.

The garlic is up in the garden:

I’ve been busy—a wonderful quilting retreat over Mother’s Day weekend.  More on sewing projects in future posts.  AC gets a dog park visit about once a day—where he plays with his doggy friends.  (This doggy toddler spreads toys and joy all over my house.)  The woods are too full of ticks and black flies right now, so the dog park it is.

And now it is time to buy hanging plants and to organize planting container pots and to get out ALL the summer yard gear, like the wind chimes.  The humming bird feeders are up, and the humming birds are here.

Both sons and their families are coming this summer, so I am looking forward to a really good summer season.


Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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