Turkey Tracks: Silicone Products Can Replace Plastic

June 23, 2019

Silicone Products Can Replace Plastic

I’ve wanted to replace plastic baggies and plastic wraps for some time.

A conversation with fellow quilters revealed that there are silicone products that can replace plastic.  Thanks Tori Manzi!!

So this week, I ordered some products to try:  silicone bowl tops and baggies and some grocery bags meant to replace plastic bag use in the grocery store.  These items are available in lots of places, so just google what you might want to try.  I deemed them affordable in the long run.

The three packages I ordered arrived this week, and I’m really liking them so far.

Here are the plastic tops meant to cover bowls—they stretch so can cover differently sized containers.  The pink items are a collapsible funnel and a tool meant to take the skin off of garlic as you roll the garlic cloves inside it.

The tops work well and are easy to put over bowls.  You might have to dry off outside moisture if a bowl has been in the refrigerator.

The tops would not work on a bowl like the one on the right front that has extensions built in.

The silicone bags are awesome as well:

They are air-tight, can freeze, etc., etc.  They will work in a sous vide pot as they can take the heat.  The plastic slides (yikes on the plastic) fit over the top of the filled bag to seal everything tight.  When filled they can stand up on their own.  They came with instructions and a stand which helps support them while you fill them.  Comments online say they hold soup just fine with no leakage.  There are three sizes.  The smallest holds up to 4 cups.  The big one is…big.

In addition, I ordered produce bags that will go to the grocery store with me and that are washable, etc.  They are meant to go right into the refrigerator, are washable, and will work to replace plastic bags.  They are a fine mesh.  I may have to wrap something like fragile lettuce in some damp paper towels, but…we’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted, but…

…I think it’s all going to work.

I can already see I might need more of the silicone bowl cover tops down the road.

Turkey Tracks: It’s Gardening Time

Turkey Tracks:  June 5, 2019

It’s Gardening Time

I’ve been busy in the garden—in between rainy days.  We’ve had a very cool and rainy spring.

But, the container pots are all out and planted—I cut back somewhat on the number of these pots this year.

And the hanging baskets are up.

That sack is for thistle, and the finches love it.  It will come down for the summer when it is empty.  Everything is so green and lush.  The hummingbirds are feeding like crazy.

This year I bought a very different color of petunia—and got all the baskets in the same color rather than mixing up colors.

I like the same color.  I will likely keep doing that.

Front porch plants.  The Lantana and orange plants are going elsewhere.

Eric Chontos is painting the house trim when the rain stops.  He does an awesome job of power-washing the house every spring as well.  Look how he got all the black mold off the end of the garage this year.

I’ve filled in some holes with perennials.  Pics on those as summer progresses.  But the veggie/flower garden looks good.  The cold frame is full of the most delicious lettuce.  The garlic is up.  Strawberries (far left) are starting to bloom.  I will plant haricot vert beans, zucchini, and nasturtiums when those seeds come later this week from Fedco.   I do Hope’s Edge CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) so with just me here, I don’t need a lot of extra veggies.  I can’t eat tomatoes (which I love), but will get plenty from Hope’s Edge for when the kiddos are all here.

Now it’s time to water, weed, edge beds and ENJOY THE GARDEN.



Turkey Tracks: Making Komebukuro Bags Is Fun and Addictive

Turkey Tracks:  June 3, 2019

Making Komebukoro Bags is Fun and Addictive

These “rice bowl bags/pouches” by kzstevens are so much fun!

I’ve published other versions in earlier posts here.

Kzstevens’ pattern is on her Etsy store.  Just google her name on the Etsy web site and scroll for the “Modern Japanese Rice Pouch” pattern that sells for $6.

Here’s her description of the bag’s uses:

Komebukuro. A traditional pouch used in Japan to carry rice offerings to the temple during religious ceremonies or to hold gifts destined for a close friend or relative.  Komebukuro bags were hard sewn in a patchwork style and individually designed with a mix of whatever fabrics were on hand and closed with a cotton drawstring cord. It is reversible.

Here’s are first two bags, and my first is on the right:

Each side is a bit different as I did piece the top.  First, one constructs an improv top piece that is a large rectangle.  Then one can “decorate” that rectangle with decorative sewing, adding little patches, and so forth.  Then one joins the rectangle to the square bottom.  The lining is constructed in the same manner.  I ordered the leather ties from Amazon.

I used Essex linen (pepper color) in the bag and for the top tie slips and for the bottoms.


Here’s my lining, and note that the bag is completely reversible if desired.

Here’s the second bag, where I added the blue daisy square for decoration:

I’ve already ordered more leather ties, but will also look the next time I go to a quilt store for cotton twill kind of ties.  I don’t see why a long shoe lace wouldn’t work either.  And, what about some decorative beads on some bags???