Turkey Tracks: Silicone Products Can Replace Plastic

June 23, 2019

Silicone Products Can Replace Plastic

I’ve wanted to replace plastic baggies and plastic wraps for some time.

A conversation with fellow quilters revealed that there are silicone products that can replace plastic.  Thanks Tori Manzi!!

So this week, I ordered some products to try:  silicone bowl tops and baggies and some grocery bags meant to replace plastic bag use in the grocery store.  These items are available in lots of places, so just google what you might want to try.  I deemed them affordable in the long run.

The three packages I ordered arrived this week, and I’m really liking them so far.

Here are the plastic tops meant to cover bowls—they stretch so can cover differently sized containers.  The pink items are a collapsible funnel and a tool meant to take the skin off of garlic as you roll the garlic cloves inside it.

The tops work well and are easy to put over bowls.  You might have to dry off outside moisture if a bowl has been in the refrigerator.

The tops would not work on a bowl like the one on the right front that has extensions built in.

The silicone bags are awesome as well:

They are air-tight, can freeze, etc., etc.  They will work in a sous vide pot as they can take the heat.  The plastic slides (yikes on the plastic) fit over the top of the filled bag to seal everything tight.  When filled they can stand up on their own.  They came with instructions and a stand which helps support them while you fill them.  Comments online say they hold soup just fine with no leakage.  There are three sizes.  The smallest holds up to 4 cups.  The big one is…big.

In addition, I ordered produce bags that will go to the grocery store with me and that are washable, etc.  They are meant to go right into the refrigerator, are washable, and will work to replace plastic bags.  They are a fine mesh.  I may have to wrap something like fragile lettuce in some damp paper towels, but…we’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted, but…

…I think it’s all going to work.

I can already see I might need more of the silicone bowl cover tops down the road.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

One thought on “Turkey Tracks: Silicone Products Can Replace Plastic”

  1. Where I live (Delaware); plastic bags at the supermarket are being done away with in 2021. I have a lot of reusable shopping bags; but recently ordered a new set on amazon based on recommendations. When they arrived; each of the 5 bags was wrapped individually in cello wrap; then the whole set was wrapped quite heavily in cello wrap. (Don’t get me started on the amazon over packaging for shipping!)
    I don’t think I will be saving the world with our bags; because the worst problem is all the “over packaging”. Much of the overpackaging is to deter theft. Big warehouse stores sell “multi-packs” that have excessive package; plastic carriers on the drinks etc. The “bundle of toilet paper at the warehouse store has the smaller packs inside so layers and layers of plastic. So many food items in the local markets are on stryo trays and wrapped in plastic. The convenience foods; the “individually wrapped” potatoes for baking etc. Most of this excessive packaging is not recyclable. If I go without my own bags and get store plastic bags, then those “single use” supermarket bags get used over & over again. I get frustrated by all the legislation. I think most people try to do the best we can with our products, without being legislated. Plastic supermarket bags get used to line waste baskets in the bathroom etc. I giggled when I saw the plastic stand for the silicone bags. I agree it is time to try new products and give up the roll of cling-wrap; and aluminum foil. We take our sandwiches to “go” in those “plastic glad containers” that the deli ham came from the store in. (There is another example of waste in the over-packaging). Together we all make those little steps and I hope we do “save the world” for the next generation.

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