Turkey Tracks: It’s Gardening Time

Turkey Tracks:  June 5, 2019

It’s Gardening Time

I’ve been busy in the garden—in between rainy days.  We’ve had a very cool and rainy spring.

But, the container pots are all out and planted—I cut back somewhat on the number of these pots this year.

And the hanging baskets are up.

That sack is for thistle, and the finches love it.  It will come down for the summer when it is empty.  Everything is so green and lush.  The hummingbirds are feeding like crazy.

This year I bought a very different color of petunia—and got all the baskets in the same color rather than mixing up colors.

I like the same color.  I will likely keep doing that.

Front porch plants.  The Lantana and orange plants are going elsewhere.

Eric Chontos is painting the house trim when the rain stops.  He does an awesome job of power-washing the house every spring as well.  Look how he got all the black mold off the end of the garage this year.

I’ve filled in some holes with perennials.  Pics on those as summer progresses.  But the veggie/flower garden looks good.  The cold frame is full of the most delicious lettuce.  The garlic is up.  Strawberries (far left) are starting to bloom.  I will plant haricot vert beans, zucchini, and nasturtiums when those seeds come later this week from Fedco.   I do Hope’s Edge CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) so with just me here, I don’t need a lot of extra veggies.  I can’t eat tomatoes (which I love), but will get plenty from Hope’s Edge for when the kiddos are all here.

Now it’s time to water, weed, edge beds and ENJOY THE GARDEN.



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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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