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Turkey Tracks: Archery Practice

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Turkey Tracks:  August 14, 2019

Archery Practice

Mike, Tami, and the 4 kiddos just returned home Monday.

Boy do kiddos grow up fast!

I got good bows and arrows a number of years ago (and a target), and getting the equipment out and having a morning of practice has always been high on the boys’ agenda when visiting.

So, we had a delightful morning over at the baseball field early in their visit—before Mike had to return home.



The girls arrived and got a quick lessone from their big brothers.



While parents watched…

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August 14, 2019 at 8:48 am

Turkey Tracks: The Summer Garden, July 2019

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Turkey Tracks:  August 14, 2019

The Summer Garden, July 2019

And it is already mid August as I post this update…

The vegetable/flower garden is thriving.  We are still eating lettuce from the cold frame patch I seeded and covered last fall, but the heat of this past week is making the lettuce bolt now.

Here is part of the right side of the veggie garden—the fence is there because there is a sheer rock wall drop on that edge.  I have started planting flowers along this edge as I don’t need so many veggies these days.  Oh, I eat a LOT OF VEGGIES every day, but I have the Hope’s Edge CSA and there is, most of the time, just me to feed.  Plus, I want to have more plants that will feed the bees.

The garlic is ready to harvest now.  The zucchini is fruiting.  The daffodils have dried up.  The strawberries were so good this year.

That’s a row of Haricot Vert (filet) beans to the left of AC.  I need to pick them now.

I have not wanted to cut these garlic scapes because they look so light and airy.  Something about them took myl fancy.  This bunch of bulbs volunteered in this spot, which is fine with me.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have helped eat all this lettuce, which has been going strong since May.

These raspberries are huge with all the rain.  They are turning a dark purple though.  Years ago I planted some dark raspberries on the other end of this row of fruit, and now, via cross pollination, most of the raspberries have turned various dark shades.  I had no idea the dark ones could change the red ones.

I’m planning to replant raspberries next spring and to put them in the veggie garden where the garlic is growing at the moment.  This current bed was planted with plants that would deter small grandchildren from getting near the rock wall/sheer drop.   The youngest is 4 now, so it is time to rethink this bed—which is a nightmare to weed.  I have fallen down this sloping bed several times with one mis-step into a hole or just loss of balance.  It’s not fun to tumble into Rugosa Rose bushes……even if they do stop your tumble.

So, I’ll pull out all these dark raspberries this fall, sheer down this bed, and start over with raspberries (and more blueberries) next spring.  I’ll replant low plants in this bed:  day lilies, hostas, and the like.  With black plastic and heavy mulch, things will go better.

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August 14, 2019 at 8:46 am