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Turkey Tracks: They Love Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  August 24, 2019

They Love Maine

All the kiddos are back in school now—in both families.  But all of them had some really good time here in Maine.  And I had a really good time having them here.  Their visits replicate what I experienced as a child when visiting my grandparents in Reynolds, Georgia.  There was time, there, just “to be.”  There was time for reading, for watching a movie all together, and time for a nap.  And lots of time being able to spend time in nature.

Here are some pics of the older crew:

Barrett’s Cove, for a swim.


Picking lavender at a local farm.  My whole utility room smells of lavender as the strands dry.

They visited alpacas, up close.  I bought a sweater!


We played LOTS of a card game called “Hand and Foot.”  And drank lots of Irish black tea.

The morning they left—on their way back to their busy lives.

How did they get so big so fast?

Watching them grow up is such a pleasure.

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August 24, 2019 at 7:32 am