Turkey Tracks: AC Loves Water

Turkey Tracks:  April 24, 2020

AC Loves Water

It is impossible to keep AC Slater OUT of water, and, truthfully, I don’t try as he loves water so much.  

BUT, even though he has webbed feet, he is very cautious about keeping his back feet on solid ground.  He has yet to “launch” out into a real swimming adventure.  

I suspect he will this summer, but maybe not.  And whatever he does is fine by me.

This little series of videos tells its own story.

I have a “hammock” on the back seat of the Subaru, so it is ok if AC jumps back in with some dirt or sand on his feet and legs.  The hammock catches everything and can be shaken out or washed every now and then.  When we get home, I towel him off.  His coat is short-haired and thick, so it is easy to dry him up and knock off any remaining dirt.  

This dog is so funny.  He’s very, very verbal.









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