Quilting a Grid At Night

Turkey Tracks: June 12, 2020

Quilting a Grid At Night

My little sewing space in the big room is working out well.

Last night I finished one-half of the OTHER side of this grid work—and little diamonds formed in the process.

I’m using a 12-weight shiny cotton thread in pale blue that I’ve had on hand for some years now and a 90/14 titanium top stitch needle.

It’s coming out really nicely—that’s a 3-length stitch:

For the second side, I’ve been able to mostly sew without the tape—by going from one corner to the next—which is making the job a bit faster.

It’s a beautiful day here this morning—after a day of much-needed, refreshing rain. I’ll be checking my caterpillar-stressed plants this morning to see if they need more protective treatments. And I’ll fertilize the poor, poor blueberry bushes.