I Just Spent a Lovely Morning!

Turkey Tracks: January 13, 20200

I Just Spent a Lovely Morning!

With the bitter cold (single digits) of the last two days, AC and I stayed indoors. Basically there was no where I needed to go and lots of fun projects to enjoy here. Even AC settled in as his outdoor trips were of a very short duration.

But today I made a quick trip up to the Belfast Co-op to replenish my supply of local raw butter, organic Honey Crisp apples, and various veggies. A tin of organic ricotta cheese also jumped into the cart.

It was great to be out and about—for sure. The car was warm, the scenery gorgeous, and the sky soft with a low quiet cloud layer that feels like it holds snow.

Back in Camden, I went by the bank and then on to the Snow Bowl athletic field so AC could chase his ball. As soon as we start down the road leading toward home, he starts begging for some ball time. He’s VERY vocal, that dog. And it is hard to resist him—plus the time outside is good for both of us. There is a lot of ice on the field now, but the protruding grass gave good traction for both of us.

The pond is iced over and smooth. Several families were out skating and exploring. Here’s just one such group enjoying this winter morning.

Now there is a luscious salad lunch from the remains of my spatchcocked roasted chicken. A blog reader here said in the comments from the last post that this term ”spatchcocked chicken” was new to her. It was to me, too, about 6 months ago. My daughter-in-law is still laughing that I had no idea… There are videos online that show you how. You will need a GOOD pair of chicken scissors though.

After lunch, there will be a long afternoon of sewing, especially now that I have a tired dog. I have a quilt on the longarm and ”Sunny” on the domestic. I could not figure out how to get “Sunny” on the longarm so that the straight lines of the block seam lines lined up in a straight line so I can use the channel locks to make a straight line down the quilt. That will be a learning curve. And I did baste ”Sunny” on Innova.

There is, also, a quilt forming on the design wall.

It’s all good.