Another Learning Curve

Turkey Tracks: January 22, 2022

Another Learning Curve

The ice maker on my frig needed replacing.

That meant I had to totally remove all food—and that meant trips to the garage to store frozen food and to bring in coolers for the frig contents.

It also meant an opportunity to take all the parts apart and to clean the frig top to bottom. This job was a fun learning curve because it was really interesting to see how all these parts fit so neatly together—in ways I had not realized.

All these parts come out easily, including the large bin at the freezer bottom—which meant I could actually clean underneath it, where things like coffee grinds had fallen.

Can I just say that this refrigerator is as clean or cleaner when it arrived 7 years ago.

The new part is going in this morning. So the day will be spent in part putting all the food back and returning ice blocks and coolers to the garage.

It is single-digit cold.

The intermittent creek is frozen solid.

But here’s what it looked like one day last week.

It’s too cold for AC to run at the Snow Bowl athletic field while chasing his ball.

Our weather for upcoming 10 days or so features cold, sun for the most part, and no snow.

Sewing is happening. For sure.