What To Do With the Roasted Lamb Shoulder?

Turkey Tracks: February 3, 2022

What To Do With the Roasted Lamb Shoulder?

Soup, is what one could do.

Start by putting the shoulder into a pot and covering it with water—and let it simmer until you think all the ”good” has been extracted from the meat. I can’t do that for long as long-cooked bone broths (12 to 24 hours) acquire too many histamines for me to eat. So I simmered the roast for 40 minutes while I prepped the veggies and some ground lamb for the soup. Skim the broth as needed.

I sautéed the ground lamb in beef tallow and assembled some ORGANIC frozen veggies I had on hand. The ground lamb is local and came from Hope’s Edge farm. I get a whole lamb every year.

Next, I cut up and sautéed in beef tallow a bunch of other veggies I had on hand in the meat pan—which I didn’t have to wipe clean—sometimes you have to if anything has burned in the pan: onions, garlic, carrots, red bell pepper, some cauliflower, some celery. Add in some herbs. And, of course, salt.

You want to sweat out these veggies, turning them frequently, until they begin to turn golden. Do not burn then, but you want some of the brown ”grunge” that forms in the pan as you cook them down. Be patient, and don’t cook the veggies on heat that is too, too hot.

At the above point, I added some liquid from the pot of broth so I’d get all the goodies in this frying pan into the soup. You could add the meat back at this point too.

At this point I moved what was in the frying pan into a larger pot and added in all the frozen veggies. Heat until the soup is all hot and bubbly.

Then make yourself a bowl of soup.

It doesn’t take all that long at all to make a soup or stew like this one.

I froze a portion for a meal at another time.

And that left me with two lunches and two dinners at a minimum—but there will be more.

Remember that you can add things to the soup that make it taste a bit different: heavy cream, a bit of cheese on the top, or the bottom of the bowl, that will melt down into the soup, more herbs, and so on.

We are getting another storm tonight—an ice storm likely—so it’s nice that I have these meals all cooked. I have done all my weekly chores, so I will have lots of time to sew today and tomorrow—which is good as I have…sewing projects. For sure.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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    1. Thank you Margaret-Elaine. The placemats are actually knitted from fabric selvages. I have enough placemats now, so I’m going to try to make a rug. Or something bigger than a placemat.

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