It’s Snowing

Turkey Tracks: February 19, 2022

It’s Snowing!

I’ve been busy!

My taxes have been rounded up and delivered to the people who do them.

That yearly job is always a good time to do some review. Under things learned, I realized that since last April 24, I have not spent more than $100 on gas for Girlie the car. On that happy note, I took her to the car wash as she was BEYOND filthy. The inside still is—which is a car piece that comes with winter in Maine, especially if one has an active dog. I have great seat covers and good floor mats, so it’s all good. Just dirty.

The squirrels are still in the ceiling—and my guru for that problem has been down with covid. He will get here when he’s feeling better to see if they have found a new way into the house. That won’t be too long as he is on the mend.

Last weekend was the annual “National” Toboggan Competition—an event much cherished in this town. We have had some rainy weather in the low 50s leading up to the event—alongside days of single digit temps. BUT, here’s what my beloved athletic field looks like now after cars got parked on it in warm, muddy weather when the ground is SO NOT FROZEN.

There are BIG SWATHS all across the field now—and they will have to be fixed before any of the groups who use them all spring and summer can use them again. Meanwhile, those of us (more than the town realizes I think) who use the field all winter are finding it a miserable, wet, muddy mess.

The field is too damaged to let a dog run on it or for the many people who walk around it in the winter for exercise. Just looking at these pictures makes my heart hurt.

Meanwhile, I also heard that one of the toboggans in the competition went into…waist-deep water…when the ice broke.

Hello. Our climate is changing—has changed—here in Maine. I am starting my 18th year here. I can clearly see that our winters are milder and that we have a lot of rain rather than a lot of snow. The past two years have seen much warmer, wetter trends in all the seasons we have.

I wrote a letter to the town manager. I don’t think cars should be parked on this field in the future. The $$$$ gathered for parking will not be as great as the needed repairs—which will also take time in the spring as grass does not sprout until temps get above 65.

I didn’t mention in the letter the unexpected dip one of the toboggans took. I hope someone else is thinking about that problem.

OK, whining rant is now over. Except I could add that AC doggie now has blisters on his two front paws from running on the parking area over at Barrett’s Cove. I’m using Young Living’s Mendwell, made for dog injuries, on his feet. It must feel good to him as he comes running when I get out the little bottle.

I mailed two quilts this past week. When they land I’ll show the pictures.

Our days are longer and brighter now. The seasonal wheel is turning, however slowly.

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing”

  1. What a muddy mess! Glad you spoke up! Yes, i feel spring slooowly coming here, too, tho it is currently frigid, bitter, so windy.. a good quilting day!

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