The Great Melt-Out Begins

Turkey Tracks: March 11, 2022

The Great Melt-Out Begins

We may yet get more snow and more cold snaps, but the great melt-out has started.

Today is sunny, and the air is clear and crisp and holds the promise of spring.

AC and I had a lovely morning trip yesterday to the Snow Bowl area. The rutted, ruined field has some stretches where he could chase his ball for a bit.

The pond is still covered in ice, but it’s no longer safe to walk over it, especially at the edges. I noted in the little nature journal I made in 2005, that the great melt-out in 2004 was April 17th. I think the pond could be clear earlier this year, but time will tell.

These ice houses have been pulled to the safety of firm land and will be hauled away for summer storage soon now.

The Snow Bowl ski area is still active for those trying to get in the last days of skiing for this winter.

AC doggie had a fine time alongside the creek that runs into the pond—smelling out traces of small animals. Or so he thinks.

He thinks there are small rodents EVERYWHERE now. Look at that very happy tail!

The little creek next to AC’s hunting endeavors is so sweet. It is gentle today, but is capable of being a rushing torrent that would sweep away a dog at times.

What will AC and I do today?

There will be some outdoor activity, for sure.

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