AC’s Belly Time

Turkey Tracks: March 12, 2022

AC’s Belly Time

It’s pouring rain today, but inside AC and I are dry and warm.

As the temps drop later today and tonight, the rain will turn to snow and/or ice. West of us, it’s all snow all the time.

It’s a good thing AC and I had such a lovely woods walk yesterday—you can see a little video and a picture at the end of this post. AC does NOT like rainy days where he has to stay inside or go outside and get wet. He rejects both choices presented to him.

Meanwhile, AC knows exactly when it is 6 pm, and he ”dogs” me until I stop sewing and give him his dinner. “Dogging” can be milling and prancing around my sewing chair and/or butting me with his long nose. Below is what he really wants: both of us settled on the couch, me watching tv and hand sewing, and AC presenting his belly to be scratched. How’s that for a display of utter safety, warmth, and trust?

Here’s the hand-sewing project for the moment: sewing binding on this scrappy baby quilt. Note the heavier use of color in this one.

The long-arm holds ironed Cotton+Steel fabrics in pink and red. They are the docket for cutting up.

And here is where many of these are going: baby scrappy “Pot-Pourri” quilt number 3. It’s meant for a girl child, and if here are no takers, note that I am a girl child of this earth.

I hiked in to these wood trails where I have owner permission to roam. They are soft and muddy, but I have Bean Boots that take me where I want to go.

Here’s AC waiting for me to catch up. He’s done this kind of waiting for me since he was a puppy of 6 months. No one is going to lose AC in these woods as he knows exactly where I am at all times.

AC loves the drainage culverts. And, AC is very vocal. We have a language we share. What he’s saying here is ”I’m ready if you are to get whatever is in this thing.”

On that note—which shows some of how AC wants to work with me and how fun it is for me to play with him, I’ll close…

…except to say that spring is inching slowly into Maine and that I love this season of promise and mud as the earth opens once more to feeding us again that which we will need in coming days.

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