Busy is Good: Sunday May 22 Update

Turkey Tracks: May 22, 2022

Busy is Good: Sunday May 22 Update

For now I’ve put away all the ”doggie” things in the house, including the big crate in the kitchen. I’ve taken the old chewed dog beds to the dump. And the house seems so quiet, and there are now so suddenly so many empty spaces.

I am working hard to create new daily patterns.

Well, maybe they are the same, just without ”that dog!”

I’ve blown off and swept the back deck—so it is ready to be washed down for the summer season. I just want it to get warmer before I drag out the hose and go to scrubbing. It’s 50’s and 60’s here. And rainy off and on.

I’ve weed whacked, mowed, and done a little weeding OUTSIDE—which felt good.

And somewhere in the past few days I put the Churn Dash quilt on the longarm. And that was a mistake—because the backing wasn’t square and needed trimming. So AFTER I had basted it, I realized it just wasn’t right. So I took the quilt (as yet unnamed) off the long arm and took out all the basting and started over—which included putting on a leader at the top to give me more room at the bottom. Yesterday the quilt went back on, and everything looks good. I got the edge and one pass done before I quit late yesterday.

I finally settled on a medium grey for the quilting—as it worked best with the front AND the back. You can just see a little at the top of the quilt—as all is now set up for another pass.

I have enough of a cheerful Cotton+Steel red blender that I’ll use for the binding—as the goal here is to use up this part of my stash.

Yesterday I made a run to Belfast—and on the way replenished my Dark Harbor coffee at Green Tree in Lincolnville Beach. I needed raw butter blocks from the Co-op. And I got some yarn to make a new red wool scarf to replace the one I’ve had some time—which I washed in early spring, and it felted. You just never know with wool in a washing machine… But, that scarf was way too short anyway. And it curled at the edges. Live and learn…

So I went into Heavenly Yarns and got some very pretty red wool that is a Maine product: Quince & Company, Osprey.

I’m just going to do the same pattern I did with an aqua wool scarf I made because I like it so much. It has seed stitches at the edges so it won’t curl—and is just a simple basket weave pattern.

This improv ”thing” is going to grow into something—a rug maybe. Basically it is using up fabric selvages and cotton yarn I had from other projects. I’ll go around the center with the cotton yarn—and them I’ll start back in some way with fabric selvages. It’s an experiment. It’s funky. I don’t really care… It’s just…something.

That’s my Dew Drop cold diffuser next to the yarn. It could take ”doggie” smells out of the downstairs in nothing flat.

I knitted the center, as I’ve done with selvage placemats—but had to resort to crochet when the piece got bigger. Maybe it will wind up being one block that gets sewn to others. It takes a long time to make the selvage center as it requires…selvages. And I’ve been using up stash fabrics for months now.

Speaking of the Cotton+Steel stash project, I think the big Bear Paw blocks will use up the remaining 3-inch strips that I cut. And I have enough of the ”Dotty” neutral for the sashing.

Today is very foggy and cool.

I’ll get out for a walk—maybe with my ear phones and my Audible book.

OUTSIDE is good, you know.

And then I’ll grill a steak for lunch/dinner and work on the longarm.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

6 thoughts on “Busy is Good: Sunday May 22 Update”

  1. Glad you are staying busy as your heart begins to heal. The knitted scarf is just beautiful! You are such a multi-talented person. Hang in there, my friend!

  2. Love this latest quilt, Lovey! It just makes me smile! I also use the basket weave pattern on many of my scarves. I keep you in my thoughts while you are grieving. Hugs, June

  3. Courage à vous. L’activité est une bonne chose lorsque l’on a perdu un être cher. Nos amis chiens et chats sont des bêtes à chagrin mais qui nous apportent tellement d’amour par leur présence. je suis de tout coeur avec vous.

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