It’s a Rainy Day!

Turkey Tracks: June 8, 2022

It’s a Rainy Day!

I needed a rainy day!

All my indoor weekly cleaning/laundry tasks are done.

I’ve completed catching up with my garment projects—until fall when I’d like to make a tunic pattern I have—maybe in flannel to wear over pants or leggings.

There are actually 4 tops if you count the first one I did where the neckline was too big and the sewing was crappy until I used a walking foot for ALL the sewing.

These tops fit, can layer over t-shirts, and are so, so cute!

The outdoor tasks will wait for the rain to pass, and now I have time to sew the big Bear Paw blocks using the 3-inch strips I cut for the Churn Dash blocks out of the Cotton+Steel stash. Pics later as the blocks on the design wall grow.

Monday I walked with friend Jan Corson. We did a circle that runs along the harbor and bay where there are some challenging grades.

Here’s a view of Curtis Island and the iconic lighthouse that sits looking out to the bay:

The rhododendrons are spectacular this year. Here is a whole gorgeous hedge of them we passed as we walked on the high side of the circle.

I have two rhodos here in the yard. The deer ate them back to their stems this winter. One of them, on the north side of the house toward the woods, was protected with burlap and stakes. The deer ripped off the burlap and destroyed the rhodo—even though there was a very deer-savvy dog in the house.

And they also found and ate the rhodo that sits in a protected spot in the back of the house.

So, I have rhodo envy for all the beautiful rhodos that escaped the deer predators.

And I think I’m going to have to give up and take these 2 rhodos out and replant with shrubs that deer don’t like.

I may try spraying them with the smelly spray next early winter.


I think it is a losing battle.

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