Walking Paths and Trails

Maybe, unlike rural Maine, more urban areas have lots of walking paths. Here it is easy to walk because off-road paths criss-cross this neighborhood and wide paths run alongside the outside roads. These walking paths, wide and level, are EVERYWHERE. (Bikers tend to use the streets.)

And, this is the low country, so there are also water features that are used to drain and hold water everywhere too. At the entrance to Moore’s Landing, my neighborhood, there are two cache basins and fountains that run most of the time. This kind of movement of water helps prevent mosquitoes and, maybe, the growth of algae (?).

Also, unlike where I lived in Maine–which was out beyond the town–there is regular trash and recycling pickup. Big brown trash barrels are collected weekly by Mt. Pleasant town, and the blue recycle barrels are collected every two weeks by Charleston County. Mt. Pleasant town, which is huge, is a part of Charleston County, which is even bigger.

The barrels are placed with the handles facing the street, and the trucks can pick them up and empty them without a person touching them–it can all be controlled by the driver in the truck who operates the levers that lift the bins. This past week, the brown trash barrels were picked up on time and homeowners put them away. But the blue recycle bins remained a few days longer. I think the truck driver forgot our street. Calls to Charleston County produced the eventual pickup, however.

I am looking forward to walking the trails in nearby parks–and to visiting the beach again to walk. I am getting to the point where I will have time for walking in areas beyond my neighborhood–as the moving work load is mostly done.