Haircut and Walking Paths

The haircut was/is AWESOME.

And the method used to cut my curly hair was different than anything I’ve ever had before now. The hair is cut dry, so how it is curling dry can be seen. Then it is washed and fluffed with hands. Then I was put under a hair dryer–one of the old types–while the curls gently dried.

I have these MAJOR cowlicks on the top/back of my head, so Jody left the upper top/back hair longer so it will “curl” down over the cowlicks with a little fluffing encouragement. And that is working well.

Jody has a little private studio–one among many–inside this business. Thus, she has her own business without a huge property footprint and overhead costs.

Here’s the inside, which is lined with studios.

I had a long walk after lunch–it was sunny and not too hot, and I was moving well with the help of my music.

Here’s a pic of the road outside my neighborhood–so you can see the lovely path that is on both sides of the road.

Oh my gosh! On the other side is a house with a very nice field that supports horses.

The house is so pretty, too. And the little black dots on the grass in front of it is a flock of chickens.

When I walked back into my neighborhood, I took the back, wooded path that would lead me to one of the neighborhood streets and eventually to the mailbox kiosk.

Today I’m picking up fresh raw milk for our three households (and some eggs) and will deliver to Isle of Palms. There will be a visit with Tami and a walk on the beach with Corinne.

Then I’ll make lunch/dinner and do more hand sewing on the quilt from hell blocks. I am making progress. And I love listening to my current audio book: DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST, Juliete Marillier, who steeps her books with Celtic lore and myths and fills them with stories within stories. Many of her books are rewrites of old fairy tales most of us know.