My Dining Room Table Came Back

And it is GORGEOUS!

I sent it out to be refinished by a local business–Chehaw River Woodworks– that had/has wonderful online reviews.

This cherry table is many decades old and has held us around itself for so many, many meals. But its surface and legs showed lots of faded places, scars, and scratches.

It now looks brand new and is presently preening itself in its new spot in my new home. And I am giggling with delight.

John and I bought the cherry chairs over 50 years ago now. They were one of our first early marriage purchases, along with a dining room table that matched. We left that table behind when we moved to Maine as we didn’t need two tables, and this table sits two on each end if needed and is less “formal” in design.

Look at the beautiful finish.

Corinne and I will have a beach walk this morning. Will I find some sand dollars for my growing shell collection?

And sometime today I’ll pick up the local raw milk as today is the day it arrives. Will there also be raw cream today? I hope so.

Yes, I’m making progress on the quilt from hell. All the centers are made for row five, and I’ll attach block 5 now. That might take more than one day.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “My Dining Room Table Came Back”

  1. Table looks beautiful. They really did a good job. It’s so challenging to find good people and what a joy when one does!!! You make me laugh with “the quilt from hell” — I had one of those several years ago…… I was never so glad to finish a quilt! Love watching your progress…. Have a beautiful day and enjoy that beach walk…

  2. Oh, please show your seashell collection so far 🙂
    That’s one thing I still love about going to the beach, I really enjoy finding seashells. Even more than my kids.

    Table looks beautiful. I got my dining room table that I grew up eating, there’s not enough room at my dad’s new apartment. I got the chairs as well.

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