Dentist Morning

I am slow to post today as I spent the morning at the dentist.

When I got home my mouth was still to numb to eat, so I finished sewing in the 3rd block of 6 to the last row of the “quilt from hell,” which is easily 5 or 6 years in the making now. It feels like that amount of time anyway.

But, I’m seeing the end in sight now, though I’m NOT looking forward to joining these three rows to the other three. I don’t know… It’s feeling like this quilt needs to be hand quilted too. If so, it’s a good thing I can put it on Innova the longarm to baste it.

Dinner on the porch with a mouth that could safely chew again was mostly leftovers: grilled chicken thighs, roasted broccoli and zucchini squash, and some buttered black rice noodles I did cook as I am out of sprouted brown rice. (*Note to self. Again.)

One of these thighs went back in the refrigerator for supper as two was one too many.

I love, love my new dentist. SHE (the first time with a woman dentist for me) is awesome, gentle, kind, careful, not hurried, has small hands which fit much better inside my mouth, has empathy, is a perfectionist with tons of patience, and I could go on. My mouth was a mess after the CDC shut down the dentist offices during the worst of the covid hysteria and then dentists had a huge backlog. I now have old teeth, old crowns, old fillings, and new cavities.

But I also have a NEW dentist that I like and trust.

I kind of feel like I’m living through the Rascal Flatt’s song, “Northern Star.” All the roads led straight to…her…when I needed…her…and her assistant Caroline.

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3 thoughts on “Dentist Morning”

  1. When one moves, it is always such a joy when you are able to find new physicians, dentist, etc that one likes. When I retired, my goal was to get all the needed care within a 5 mile (or so) radius of the house. There were some challenges, but I am so happy that I succeeded in that goal!!! Now I only wish a quilt shop would open closer to the house!!!! But one cannot have everything can we? Glad you were able to find a good and personable dentist. What does that commercial say? Priceless!!! 🙂

  2. Your “quilt from hell” is beautiful!!! What a treasure it will be when it is all done. I recently purchased a hand pieced grandmothers flower garden quilts from an antique store and I had it hand quilted by a wonderful lady in Iowa. She had it back to me in a little over three weeks!! And it was beautiful. Well worth it to me. I enjoy your posts and have always thought it would be awesome to retire to the Carolinas. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks so much for this kind reply. And for reading the blog. How fun to find a beautiful hand-pieced quilt. AND, to have it hand quilted. That’s lovely.

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