The Green Cropped Pants

Last night we had the most spectacular thunderstorm I’ve seen in the last two decades. We are talking LOTS of lightening and thunder, lashing rain, and high winds. These storms are heat-produced, I think–and Maine didn’t have summer storms like this one. Our temps went over 90 degrees yesterday, but today is cool and lovely. The porch is soaked, but the grass is happy. And in a bit I’ll go out and weed more in the grass as the clay layer will be soft and weed roots will come out easily.

Sunday morning I finally sat down to alter a pair of pants I rather like and have had for years and…years. I can date them to when Mike and Tami moved to the Charleston, SC, after Mina was born. Mina will be 16 this fall.

I never really wore these cropped pants in Maine. I don’t know why not. Perhaps it was a weight thing? But now I’ve lost 50+ pounds. And these rarely worn pants are PERFECT for beach walking and shell collecting here in SC. They are, actually, perfect for lots of activities. They are a pale mint green. They have these really neat pockets. The fabric is soft cotton with some lycra, so a bit stretchy—and definitely needs poly thread during.

I had started to rip out part of the elastic on the waistband where it was just way, way too big, but kept putting the pants aside.  For several months, it seems. And a few weeks back, I put the pants on the back seat of the car in case I passed one of the rehoming clothing bins I know I’ve seen—but couldn’t remember where. And, deep inside, I just could not let go of these pants, so they went back up to the sewing room.  

On Sunday, though, I finished ripping out what needed to be ripped out on the waistband. I took SIX INCHES out of the waist and using knit stitches and zig-zags on the big Janome, I tapered down the side seams—then put the waistband back together.  I should have used the serger, but didn’t have a good thread match and one needs 3 spools for the serger.

The pants look and fit AWESOMELY!!

I am so happy I fixed them!

And now I need a beach walk so they can shine.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “The Green Cropped Pants”

  1. I’m going back in your blog, haven’t been keeping up with many in the last few weeks. My older sister passed away last Friday, I still can’t believe she’s gone. She was seventy seven but has struggled with COPD for years as a result of smoking since she was probably fifteen. Such an evil thing, smoking is. Anyway, I’ve been away but now I’m catching up. I love these green pants! So pretty with your adjustments. I also didn’t realize that you had lost fifty pounds, that is amazing! Jan in MA

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your older sister. Go gently, ok? I lost the 50 pounds gradually over a few years–and with changes in diet. I have 5 more pounds to reach my goal–which is NOT the 125 pounds I was when I married at 21. But 145 seems a good weight for me now–and feels good in my clothes.

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