A Baked Fish Chowder

This experiment went well.

And so I will share it.

I have to be careful with fish with my Histamine Intolerance issue. Fish has to be VERY fresh, which I could get in Maine with freshly caught haddock or cod coming pretty much daily into the local markets. Here in SC, I’ve been buying freshly caught frozen cold-water white fish. That’s working out very well.

***Read labels though. If the salmon says “Atlantic” anywhere, it is farmed, or so I’m reading. The labels on the white fish should say it is wild caught and frozen on the boat. Farmed fish COULD be ok, if the fish are in a clean environment, are not overly crowded, and are fed healthy foods. All three of those conditions are currently poorly met by the fish farmers. For salmon, you want wild-caught and Alaska, probably, on the label. Yes, the fish situation is a problem as we’ve fished out the oceans now, and fish is a great protein.

The other day I defrosted two haddock filets, and something came up where I didn’t want to bake them alone or spend time making a chowder. So, I thought I’d try a “baked chowder” instead.

I layered some frozen peas and corn in a baking pan and added some fresh sweet onion and dried spices. Then I laid in the fillets, salted the mixture, and poured a mixture of cream and milk (raw for me) over the top. I may have dotted the fish with butter too.

And wow! It was delicious with a yummy sauce.

While the fish baked (30 minutes given the frozen veggies), I cooked some mixed brown rice to add to my dish. Actually I started it first as it takes about 40-45 minutes on very low heat to cook until tender. I am loving the smaller two burners on my gas oven that allow for this very slow cooking of rice and my espresso coffee pot.

This meal was delicious and dead easy to make.

If you wanted to peel and THINLY slice some potatoes as the base veggie (russets hold up best with a scalloped method)–you could put those in the bottom, salt them, and cover them with some whole milk/cream (and maybe cheese for you), and let them bake about 20 minutes before adding other ingredients (more milk/cream I’m sure) or the fish. I might be tempted to keep the corn and peas too. YOU could top everything with some grated Swiss cheese too.

Here was my dinner yesterday–a roasted lamb rack, baked sweet potato (a half) with raw butter, roasted zucchini rounds, and some fresh veggies.

I started to cut off a chop before taking a picture.

Yes, I like my meat rare, and I like the fat and save it from the roasting pan. I cut off the meat from the bone, but chew the bones clean–that’s where the glycine is, for one thing. I should have put some fresh dill on the fresh veggies.

Then there was fresh fruit with a drizzle of maple syrup and bits of mint leaves from the herb garden, which is thriving.

You know, I thought I was buying organic fruit at Whole Foods, but I wasn’t. Note to self: check the actual package and not the signs above the fruit.

And today, there are leftovers–so no cooking.

There will be sewing today.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “A Baked Fish Chowder”

  1. s uch a great reminder about reading the labels on packaging!!!! I was buying some omega-8 bread from the bakery – read the label and has ground tilapia in it!!!! UGH!!!!! no more of that for me!!!! I agree with you as well — farm raised fish – big no for me. I may just try your baked chowder idea, looked delicious. I have some fresh corn in the freezer that I cut off the cobs at the end of last season. Slowly trying to empty the freezer in anticipation of hurricane season.

  2. You are so creative with your sewing and cooking. It all looks scrumptious. No time for me now to do much of anything. I also have not been feeling so well after embedded tick and antibiotics. Neither clinic or ER addressed the Tick or could get it out.

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