Quilting Information: The International Quilt Festival, Houston

Quilting Information:  November 5, 2014

The International Quilt Festival

Houston, Texas

October 28 to November 2, 2014

It’s overwhelming.

First, the building itself is at least two city blocks long and three stories high.

Here’s a little video taken as I am walking through the green park located in front of the Convention Center:

And here is a close-up taken just across the street from the Convention Center:

The Festival uses the WHOLE BUILDING.

There are over 1000 vendors.

There are 31 Special Exhibits, which includes the juried quilts.

There are demonstrations, lectures, quilt artists working in studios set up for them, and all sorts of classes.

There are quilts from all over the world here.

Over 60,000 people from all over the world will attend. 

Thanks heavens I have THREE whole days to see/experience it all as it is overwhelming.

Blog Readers’ Quilts

Blog Readers’ Quilts:  October 26, 2014

Linda Satkowski’s Selvedge Quilt


Linda Satkowski is, also, a fellow Coastal Quilter here in Maine.

Like me, she loves to piece.

When I posted recently about finishing my quilt using selvedge edges, she wrote me that she, too, had a selvedge quilt.

She sent me this picture:

Sevedge quilt 2011

Oh my goodness!!  How cool is that!

So, of course I had to go see it (and her)!

Here are the pics I took of this amazing quilt–which is soft as butter, by the way, and has been washed too.  Here it is doubled on a couch–so it’s a great lap size.


The blocks look to be about…???…7 inches?  Linda used a muslin backing–which has not made the quilt heavy at all.  Note that she has used some blank selvedges as well as those with writing or colored dots.


And another:


She used a bright blue for the backing and binding, which works well:



Linda tears about 1/4 inch off the main selvedge.  (I’ve been tearing up to two inches in order to have at least 1 1/2-inches of fabric for strips if I don’t use the selvedge.

So, a project like this would really lend itself to Bonnie Hunter’s leader/ender projects–where you add to blocks while sewing on another project so you don’t have to cut thread.

Quilting Information: Watch Bonnie Hunter’s THE QUILT SHOW free until May 25th.

Quilting Information:  May 21, 2014

Watch Bonnie Hunter’s THE QUILT SHOW for Free Until May 25th

It’s EASY!


You can watch Bonnie Hunter’s episode (#1410) on THE QUILT SHOW for free—until May 25th.  This program is hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.

Go to http://thequiltshow.

Sign up as a “basic” member—which is free.

Then you can click on Bonnie’s show, #1410.  When I did the sign-up, Bonnie’s episode was a button on the right side of the page showing Bonnie’s face.

It’s an engaging show, and I learned more about Bonnie’s methods.




Here’s the url to Bonnie’s blog post:


Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!!: Free to my Readers: Watch my Episode, #1410.

Quilting Information: Andrea Brokenshire’s “Flora Bota’nica”

Quilting Information:  April 18, 2014

Flora Bota’nica


One of the special exhibits at the MQX show in New Hampshire last week was Andrea Brokenshire’s “Flora Bota’nica.”


These quilts–and there were at least ten of them and I could have taken a picture of every single one–were spectacular.  I’ve seen a lot of quilts of flowers, but these are extraordinary.

Here’s one:


Here’s another:


You can see many more of these amazing quilts if you google “images for Andrea Brokenshire quilts.”



Quilting Information: The Four Seasons Banners From Italy

Quilting Information:  April 17, 2014


An Exhibition Sponsored by Aurifil Thread, Milan, Italy

The recent Machine Quilters Expo (MQX) show in Manchester, New Hampshire, exhibited 70 quilted banners made by the Casa Patchwork & Quilting group that represented the four seasons.  The banners spread out over 40 feet of exhibit space. Each member was  given a palette to create their own banner–which is why the banners  “hang together” so nicely.

Here is a video that sweeps through the banners so you can see their impact:

Here are some close-ups of “winter.”






“Summer” close up:




And “Fall” close up:


Aren’t they wonderful?

Quilting Information: Flickr: Jessica’s Quilting Studio’s Photostream

Quilting Information:  April 15, 2014

Jessica Jones’ Quilting Studio Quilts

Well, here’s a treat for you.

I am just back from attending the Machine Quilters’ Expo (MQX) in Manchester, New Hampshire–where I attended three classes.  One of those classes was with DeLoa Jones–who taught at the Maine state quilt show, Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild, last summer.  DeLoa’s lecture included quilts her daughter Jessica has quilted.

Those quilts are available for you to see–and they are truly wonderful–and you will get many ideas for your own quilting.  Take a look:   Flickr: Jessica’s Quilting Studio’s Photostream.

You can access Jessica’s site by googling Jessica’s Quilting Studio.


Here’s more information on Jessica–copied from her web site–sorry about the wonky fonts.

Jessica Jones studied art and design at Central Michigan University. During summer break, she helped with her mother, DeLoa Jones’ longarm quilting business and fell in love with the art of machine quilting. She started her own longarm business in 2002 and, in the relatively short time since, has quilted over 4000 customer quilts. Jessica quilts for clients from all over the country and many of her customers have won prizes for the quilts she has masterfully quilted.

Also an instructor, Jessica has shared her quilting talents and expertise with students, nationally, and also in her home area of Phoenix, AZ. Her quilts have appeared in numerous quilting books and magazines, and frequently grace the pages of Quilting Celebrations. Jessica has also appeared on Quilting Celebrations with Patrick Lose on QNNtv.


Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information: Bonnie Hunter’s NEW BOOK is out

Blog Reader’s Quilts and Quilting Information:  April 4, 2014




It came yesterday!

I had been haunting the mail box all week.

So, I made a cup of tea and sat down to ENJOY leafing through the pages:


AND, the book is a treasure.

You can see the quilts in the book for yourself in the url below:

Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!!: More Adventures With Leaders & Enders! Pre-Order Time!.

Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information: The Missouri Star Quilt Company

Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information:  March 26, 2014

The Missouri Star Quilt Company


Here’s a treat for quilters:  The Missouri Star Quilt Company web site url:  Missouri Star Quilt Co. – Best Selection of Pre-Cut Quilting Fabrics on the Web!.

There are MANY great “how-to” videos on this cheerful and fun web site.

I just finished watching the ones on the Lil Twister ruler/template and found them really helpful.

Here’s what some  “twister” blocks/quilts  look like:     Twister quilt images – Google Search.

One fun thing I learned with these videos is that you lay out squares–say the 5-inch squares I’ve been throwing into a box–sew them together in rows, put on a border, and use the Lil Twister template to start cutting out the twister blocks that you sew together (right away) to keep them in order.  There is a lot of waste, but apparently you can use this waste by taking the next smaller twister template and cutting out more blocks.

I’ll let you know how this process works…

Since you KNOW I have those 5-inch blocks lined up in rows on a bed–since the design wall is full of the red and green quilt.  I’ve got about ten more blocks to make for it.  No pressure.  Nope…

I do love a new project when it’s running around in my head and imagination.





Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information: The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Norfolk, Virginia

Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information:  March 18, 2014

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Norfolk, Virginia

I had a terrific time attending The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Norfolk, Virginia–for me, February 29th and March 1st and 2nd–each time with different people.  I have not been to a big regional quilt show without grandchildren in tow for some years now–and it is a real pleasure to attend a quilt show that is outside of the region where you live.  The vendors are different, the emphasis on quilts is different, and so forth.  This Mid-Atlantic show is run by the Mancuso brothers and leans towards art quilts–though this year (it’s 25th) there was a lovely exhibition of log-cabin quilts–each with a different setting.


I will confess that the quilts I like best are not often the BIG WINNERS.  I am a scrappy quilter.

For instance, I saw many novel use of the current quilt rage:  hexies.

Look at how the use of connecting squares makes these hexies so much more interesting than if they were jammed up together:


And how about using hexies to form a bar in a bar quilt?  (Sorry about the slight blurring, but you’ll get the method.)



Here’s a quilt I didn’t see until the last day I went–it was hanging on the end of a wall, and I just lost it in the blur of vendors beyond it.  How you see quilts really varies from which direction you approach them.


Here’s the whole quilt:


The chickens were amazing:


Contrast the above quilts with one of the big winners of this show:


Exquisite quilting, novel use of color–especially that bright yellow.  Here’s a close-up of the quilting:


It seems to me that this type of medallion quilt which is quilted to death is meant to win in a show.  The quilt itself does not draw me at all.

The BIG WINNER (Best of Show) was a larger version of the above–amazing workmanship, lots of beading as well, but I didn’t even take a picture of it.

Here’s another big winner:


Clever, whimsical, etc.  But is it any better than this quilt?


Or, this one?


Here’s a close-up of the amazing thread work:


This funny little quilt really drew me in:


Here’s a close-up of the block:


I love floral art quilts.  Here’s a really nice one:

100_3740 100_3741 100_3742

And this quilt was really interesting–I took this picture for you Sarah Ann Smith because, like your quilting, the quilting seems to be working WITH the quilt rather than just filling spaces with novel designs:


I love the New York Beauty block–and there were some very pretty New York Beauty quilts at the show.  Here’s one:


What piqued my interest was that the block quadrants vary considerably within each circle.  I hadn’t really seen this kind of variation before this quilt.


And I love buttons.  Look at this very fun quilt–much of which was appliquéd–and the use of buttons:

100_3751 100_3752 100_3753

This quilt won “best use of color”–and was painted, then quilted.  It glowed.

100_3748 100_3747

Birds were a fairly big theme at both the quilt show and the vendors.  This quilt–and my big picture did not come out–was made of individual birds that were each made of many, many different fabrics that were accurate to the specific bird.  Here’s one of about a dozen birds:


And here’s another bird quilt I liked a lot:


Quilts featuring forests and trees always draw me in.  This quilt was no exception, and the thread work of the needles was beautiful.

100_3745 100_3746

I almost missed this quilt, too.  I didn’t really “see” it until the third day:

100_3759 100_3760

The water colors in this quilt were lovely.  This is a close-up–not quite the whole quilt:


And what’s not to like about THIS quilt, which I will leave you with:


Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information: Lunch Bags!

Blog REaders’ Quilts and Quilting Information:  February 10, 2014

Lunch Bags!

Red Flannel Pantry has done it again.

Another great idea and fun sewing project:  making lunch bags.

RFP discovered that oil cloth has phthalates in the fabric coating, so has come up with a grand solution.

Take a look?


red flannel pantry | red flannel pantry.