Turkey Tracks: “En Provence” Quilt Finished

Turkey Tracks:  October 23, 2017

“En Provence” Quilt Finished

Bonnie Hunter’s 2016 mystery quilt.

This quilt is BIG.  And, very graphic.  Like all Bonnie Hunter quilts, the “bones” are really good, so that it is easy to substitute for color as long as one pays attention to VALUE (darks and lights).  I have never substituted from Bonnie’s color plan, but many do, and all these quilts come out really beautifully as long as value is kept constant.  I may start altering color plans.  You never can tell.

I had all the units for this quilt made by New Year’s 2016.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to finish it.  I had too many projects ongoing, for one thing.  And I am mostly caught up now.  More or less.  As “caught up” as I ever get.

I quilted with a lavender thread, which matched the backing, and it worked beautifully.  The pantograph is “Arcadia” from Urban Elements by Patricia E. Ritter.

I used a light cream binding–because what draws me most to this quilt is the neutral border with the beet-colored stars.  Would love to see a quilt made with just that combination.

The quilt is beautiful:  intricate and complex.  And, scrappy.

Thanks Bonnie Hunter.

The Bonnie Hunter 2017 mystery quilt color scheme will come out any day now.  Bonnie is in China, so probably when she gets home again.  And, after attending a family funeral.  Go gently, Bonnie!


Turkey Tracks: And Then There Were Two: Quilty Update

Turkey Tracks:  September 19, 2017

And Then There Were Two:  Quilty Update


I haven’t been able to work on this project–which came out of an Amy Friend workshop earlier in the year–because I was trying to catch up on other started projects.  I’m kind of driven that way, actually, and I allowed myself to start too many projects–which made me cross.  Amy showed us how to design our own blocks, and this is mine.  I am so happy to have had time to make another block last week.  They are 16 inches and foundation pieced, so each one takes a bit of time.  I am using all Cotton+Steel fabrics on the charcoal solid background.  You can start to see the funky shape a bit now.  I am loving these blocks!

By the way, Amy has her first designed fabrics out now.  You might want to go to her blog (During Quiet Time) to see the fabrics, which she designed to be used in foundation pieced projects as that is her first love AND to see what she is making with these fabrics.

I have Bonnie Hunter’s 2016 Mystery Quilt, En Provence, on the long arm, but have been distracted with–among other projects–picking some clothing patterns, making my “cutting out” patterns, buying some fabric, and–oh my goodness–making the first one, a tunic in linen.  More pictures coming on these projects soon.  Meanwhile, En Provence, has at least two runs done and the binding made.  I’m using a pale lavender thread which is awesome with this quilt and its backing.

I FINISHED MY KATJA MAREK MILLEFIORE QUILT.  It’s been a year long project to paper piece it, and I LOVE how it came out.  More pictures coming when it is quilted and bound.  It will go on the long arm next, and I finally figured out how I want to quilt it.

Now I am doing Willyne Hammerstein’s paper pieced quilt called “Valse Brillante,” from her book MILLEFIORI QUILTS.  And then there were…SEVEN blocks.  These guys are a bit more tedious to make, but aren’t they fun?  I am liking this project.

My rules are text, brights, and some solid fabrics.  We learned about making “rules” to follow from Timna Tarr when she came to Coastal Quilters (Maine) last year for a workshop.  When I glue blocks, I make two of each block with the brights and text fabrics reversed:  one small, one large of each.


Friend Becca Babb-Brott lucked into taking a two-day Gee Bend quilters class at Maine’s recent Fiber College.  Of my friends, Becca is the one who loves improv quilting the most I think.  So this class was right up her funway path.  Here’s what she has done so far.  Note the use of solids.  These pieces will be connected, and they are actually wider than they appear here now.  Note the jean pocket on the lower piece.  She plans to add another pocket.  Using old denim is something the Gee Bend quilters do/did a lot.  They used what they had.  The Gee Bend quilters advocate working out the width of your piece and them building more to the top and bottom.  It will be interesting to see where this one goes.


Gee Bend comes back every other year, and we are already plotting going when they return.

If you don’t know the Gee Bend history, take a minute to google them.  Their quilts are unique and are both old and modern and not quite describable.  They defy “rules.”


Turkey Tracks: Snow Day and Quilty Update

Turkey Tracks:  December 17, 2016

Snow Day And Quilty Update

I love snow days, and this snow is light and fluffy due to the extreme cold.  Temps have been on the MINUS side of zero for the past few days.

I am hunkered down and have pottered about all day so far, but have paid bills, updated CheckbookPro, read and responded to email, blogged, and will go and sew after a late lunch.

I have finished last week’s “clue” for the Bonnie Hunter 2016 mystery quilt, “En Provence.”  I’ll start this week’s clue after lunch–a unit that uses more purple and neutrals.  It’s a good thing I added a few more fat quarlters to my neutral stash for this quilt.



I’ve had this quilt on the long-arm all week but have not accomplished much on it.  I’m using the clam shell groovy board and a light thread.

This quilt is suddenly looking quite seasonal to me with its red and greens.  I’m almost wishing I had put a green backing on it.  Megan Bruns picked out the outer border fabric, which is a 1030’s red schoolhouse print.  Very retro.


I am in the home stretch on the Farmer’s Wife blocks however.  Really like how this block came out.


I finished the first, the BIG, rosette in the Katja Marek “The New Hexagon” millifiore quilt.  And I REALLY like it.  Thought about going back in and making the cotton boll fabric from Cotton + Steel (one of my all-time favorites) all line up, but that would throw off the outer blocks with the rust-colored diamonds so that they would look strange.  As is, the outer ring has a lot of movement, no top and bottom, and if you rotate it in your mind, you can see that there is an organization to it.  It is hard to visualize how these big rosettes are going to come out I think.  One just has to grab fabric and get along with the whole thing.  It is unlikely that anyone ever sees a big quilt straight on anyway–unless it is going to hang.  And this one is going to be USED.



Stay warm, take time to enjoy these dark nights of peace, and eat well.


Turkey Tracks: Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery Quilt: First Clue

Turkey Tracks:  December 1, 2016

Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery Quilt:  First Clue

I’ve finished the first clue:  221 neutral 4 Patches.

I’m liking what I see:



I chose my neutrals for two goals:  to blend with the purple, magenta, grass green, gold other fabrics AND to contrast print with plain neutrals.

I don’t yet know if these units will work in the quilt to form a plain and a patterned line…

???  Time will tell.

Turkey Tracks: “En Provence”: Bonnie Hunter’s 2016 Mystery Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  November 23, 2016

“En Provence”:  Bonnie Hunter’s 2016 Mystery Quilt

I’m ready.

The first clue comes this Friday.

Here’s my fabric all ready to go:

The beet colored fabric with gold crosses will be my focus fabric.






I pulled these neutrals for a start.  I am thinking lots of pattern and texture to make the quilt more funky.



Turkey Tracks: “En Provence,” The 2016 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  November 3, 2016

“En Provence,”

The 2016 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

I picked up the paint chips today.

Of course, Bonnie uses a wide variety of fabrics in each of these colors–which makes for a quilt with lots of hues.  Nothing is flat about Bonnie’s quilts.

In addition, there are about 3 yards of neutrals.


You can get to this posting, which just came out, on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville.com.   Go to the blog, look at the upper listing of sub-sites on the blog, for the mystery quilt, “En Provence.”

If you have any idea that you might want to make this quilt some day, which will start the day after Thanksgiving, print out the instructions each week.