Turkey Tracks: Two Sailing Trips

Turkey Tracks:  August 17, 2015

Two Sailing Trips

I spent 6 glorious days on the windjammer schooner J&E Riggin with friend of at least 40 years, June Derr.

We left the dock on a foggy Saturday morning, sailed through the fog bank, and enjoyed bright sunny weather for the rest of our beautiful trip.


The Riggin is the middle ship.

Here she has her canopy up for deck protection.


Here’s a pic of some members of this congenial group of sailors–most of whom have signed up for this same 6-day cruise next year.



On our last day, as we were headed back toward Rockland, a big storm brewed up.  And here is perhaps my favorite picture of this trip–taken by June Derr:



We ran for our foul-weather gear as the storm was moving fast.  I got June’s as she was busy taking pics.




We ducked into Owls Head Harbor for the night–a beautiful harbor.  And the storm passed uneventfully and the sun came out before dusk arrived.

I didn’t even feel the storm from my seat in the galley, enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a good book.

When Mike was here, he treated us to a sail on the windjammer Olad, owned by Captain Erin Lincoln, which sails out of the Camden harbor.

My oldest grandchild, Bowen, was allowed to sail this ship for quite some time.  That experience fired up his imagination and dreams big time.

Here’s two pics of all of us: