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Turkey Tracks: The Coastal Quilters’ 2018 Mothers’ Day Retreat, Part 1

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Turkey Tracks:  May 20, 2018

The Coastal Quilters’ 2018 Mothers’ Day Retreat, Part 1

Seventeen of us attended the Coastal Quilters’ 2018 Mother’s Day Retreat.  Most of us arrived around noon on Thursday.  By Sunday late morning we were all gone–tired but having had a terrific time.  About half of the attendees were not Coastal Quilters, which is really fun because we all get to see all sorts of work being done by other quilters.  One person comes from Vermont, two from Massachusetts, and the rest are scattered up and down our Maine coast.  With each retreat, we are becoming better and better friends, and that is fun too.

I am going to break up this post into parts as I have so many pictures.

First, many of us are doing Jen Kingwell’s “Long Time Gone” quilt as a challenge.  And many of us brought their blocks to date to share.

Here are Heidi August’s blocks.  Note the pineapple blocks below.  Heidi loves this block and has made many beautiful quilts with it.  She helped me learn how to use the Creative Grids pineapple ruler.  I loved it so much I came home and bought the big version too.  And in turn, my ruler was passed around so others could learn it while we had Heidi with us.


Here are Betsy Maislen’s blocks.  Note how she has formed the flying geese block on the middle left.  So clever!


Here is that block finished.  Who knew all these shapes were in that block?  Betsy also learned the pineapple ruler.

Karen Martin came on Friday and worked on these blocks AND learned the pineapple ruler.

Here are my samples–not Cotton+Steel which I am using in my “Long Time Gone” version.  These will go into my “parts department” box for a future improv quilt.

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May 21, 2018 at 3:08 pm

Turkey Tracks: The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 1

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Turkey Tracks:  October 24, 2017

The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 1

Heidi August

It was a good retreat!

And, was made better by the addition of a quilter new to our group.

Heidi August brought this GORGEOUS quilt for me to see–once again.  I saw it at the Vermont Quilt Show two summers ago and took a picture of it, which I posted on this blog.  This quilt is one of my all-time favorite quilts and maybe THE favorite one.  It has now won TWO ribbons at major quilt shows.  Go Heidi!!

It was a delight to meet Heidi!  She is full of lively, creative, energy and boundless good will.  There is nothing nicer than meeting a quilter like this one and bouncing up and down with her ideas.

The block is a pineapple block, and Heidi told me that there is a pineapple ruler that made this work much easier.

Many facets of this quilt make it wonderful:  the subtle use of color, the block itself, the clever use of text fabrics, and the whimsy in each block.  Take a look at some of my favorite blocks.  It was hard to choose which one were “favorites.”  I could have taken a picture of each and every block.  Of course I have to start with CHICKENS.





Taking pictures of these blocks is like eating only ONE potato chip…  I could go on and on…

Look at the clever backing:

And binding…

I have a fat quarter collection of those little colored squares, but never thought to use this fabric for a binding.



Heidi worked on a fun quilt and a more serious one.  Sadly I did not get a picture of this latter quilt.  The fabrics were dark and the light in the gym was not great.  I hope she sends me a picture when she gets the top finished.  I”ll share if she does.

And she very kindly sent me three quilt pictures that stemmed from our conversations:

A Halloween quilt top she just finished–which is as lively as Halloween is.

And her Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt blocks–laid out and, following, the finished quilt:

This setting is one Tula Pink suggests in the book.  But Heidi, unlike Tula Pink, sorted the blocks by color.  It came out great, don’t you think?  I also like the wavy grid quilting!  A lot!

Go Heidi!

I look forward to more interactions with YOU!

Turkey Tracks: The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 2

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Turkey Tracks:  October 24, 2017

The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 2

Here’s our space at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunkport, Maine.

This time the FGH located us in the gym as another larger group had been there just before us.  So, we had space, ironing boards and irons, tables, and design walls to spare.  The entrance is across the room from this picture.  And we had access to a nice kitchen with both a microwave and a convection oven.  We brought food and bought food.  A group has to have 15 in attendance to get FGH ood served.

Additionally, Jan Kelsey and crew sought out nearby quilting stores this trip.  There are more than the one very small one just down the street.  Sanford sewing is about 20 minutes–and they have been so supportive of us during our retreats, including fixing machines we’ve dropped off there while we are at the retreat.  There is a nearby Marden’s.  And there is a store called Wool Camp that the girls who went on this expedition loved.  Who knew?

From left to right, Deb Hazell, Heidi August, and Deb Torre.  That’s Tori Manzi in the background.

Vicki Fletcher.  Don’t you love that smile?

Mac Saulnier.  Mac and Jan Kelsey went to college together and have stayed in touch.

Mary Bishop, with the quilt she designed and the jacket she made at the October 2016 retreat:

Vicki Fletcher and Sharon Flanagan with Sharon’s quilt:

Jan Kelsey with a baby quilt.  This fabric is interesting because I made a quilt for a grandson with this fabric and put the remnants into our last fund-raiser auction.  Jan bought it, not realizing that I had donated it.  I like what she did and am so happy that someone else was using the fabric.

I did not get a picture of Jan Corson (!!!) or myself.

And I went back into old files to find what I did with the fabrics Jan Kelsey has above:  it was quilt No 43, made in 2009.  I’ve come along way baby!  As has technology.  The pics are from a camera that distorted the “rectangle” of the quilt, for instance.

I would definitely put cornerstones if I were making this quilt today.  The panel details are so cute though.  They remind me of the Japanese designers who are making fabrics with these “retro” motifs.

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October 24, 2017 at 9:34 am

Turkey Tracks: September 2016 Update

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Turkey Tracks:  October 1, 2016

September 2016 Update

What a glorious summer I have had!

And the fun continues as my life continues to be rich with experiences.

The sailing trip on the J&E Riggin was terrific, as I posted earlier.

Quilter Timna Tarr comes next weekend for a Coastal Quilters trunk show and workshop on making “improvisational” quilts.  She has a terrific gallery on her web site.  Take a look?

On October 17th, some Coastal Quilters of Camden, Maine, will make another retreat at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Attending will be my Bellevue High School, Bellevue, Nebraska, classmate, Penny Rogers Camm, who is making her VERY FIRST QUILT.  Messages have been flying between us about layouts and how to sew blocks together and so forth.  Her quilt is so, so pretty.  We will pick out borders, etc., when she comes week after next.

I picked what will probably be this season’s LAST flower bouquet the other day.


Next year I want MORE cosmos and zinnas in my garden.  And I need to go out and cut the gorgeous hydrangeas to bring in side the house for winter decorations.

Friend Megan Bruns is in Texas with her family this week.  She took all the rosettes from her Millifiori quilt (see former blog posts for details), and her mother helped her decide how to put them together.  This picture is the last I received.  Megan used all Anna Maria Horner fabrics in this quilt.  Of course there will be borders and so forth yet to do.


Horch roofers have been here for the past two days.  The new roof is so pretty.  Pictures of it later as the yard and house is full of men, flying roof pieces, and equipment.  I would take my life in my hands to go out there.  Besides, it is cloudy and overcast, so I’ll get pictures later.  I am loving the soft color of the roof though.

We still have had no appreciable rain.  I continue to worry about my well running dry.  I have stopped watering deeply outside.  The growing season is running down anyway.  I do not think we will get much fall color this year as drought-struck trees are just dropping brown leaves to, hopefully, save themselves.


Turkey Tracks: Coastal Quilters’ First Retreat

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Turkey Tracks:  May 15, 2016

Coastal Quilters’ First Retreat

It finally happened!

Coastal Quilters made their first retreat last weekend:  Mother’s Day weekend.

Our new board, headed by Lynn Vermeulen, got this event off the ground.  Basically, Lynn and board just “built it” and “they came.”

We needed 15 quilters to be able to have the guest house cook food for us, so some members got friends (wonderful quilting friends as it turned out–we adopted them all) to join us–and off we went to the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunkport, Maine–the location of one of Maine’s sweet little coastal towns which are crammed with good restaurants, gorgeous vistas, and friendly people.   (http://www.franciscanguesthouse.com)

A group of Franciscans from Lithuania bought this 40-acre property in 1947 and built a monastery, a school, a Tudor-style “cottage,” and several outdoor chapels/grottos.  The link to Lithuania is still quite strong. The guest house is in the renovated school.  There is nothing fancy here, but rooms are comfortable, everything is spotlessly clean, the food was delicious and very fresh, and the big quilting room had lots of lights, great set-ups (lots of plugs, lights, design boards, ironing boards and irons, and a table that held coffee/tea fixings all day and all night.  We were walking distance to the town (a great pastry and coffee shop right on the corner with the best lattes I’ve ever had) and the beach, where I am told surfers were enjoying the waves.

We can hardly wait to go back and are reserving time for next May, AND some of us are looking to go back in the fall for a few days mid-week.  Can we get 15 to go so we have food?  I sure hope so!

We could start moving into the sewing room at 1 p.m. on Friday, so those of us who got there before (it was a short trip–a little over 2 hours) had a delicious lunch at Allison’s.  Megan is wearing the shirt she just made (dinosaurs), and on the left are Gail, me, and Mary.  The pics of the other table are terrible–I should be fired as a camera person.


Here’s our fabulous new president, who has agreed to another term–even though she has TWO weddings this fall and Christmas season.  (You can see the monastery in the distance.)


Lynn worked on this daunting, fun foundation piecing pattern that she designed:


Margaret-Elaine worked on various projects–among them one of our Farmer’s Wife blocks:



Becca also worked on various projects.  Here is one:


And here she is machine quilting another and making it all look easy:

Megan, as I said in other block posts, is working on an English Paper Pieced millifiore quilt–a complicated and daunting project.  She’s making real progress on it.


All the little “tails” you see disappear when the rosettes are joined.  She is using Anna Marie Horner fabrics from last year’s Alewives fat-quarter club.



Vickie also worked on several projects–among which was a colorful batik quilt:


Jan Corson worked on a table runner made from sewn/padded strips.



Jan’s friend Laurie worked on several quilts, but some of us fell in love with the “quilter’s friend/necessary” she made for herself and Jan.  Some of us (me included) asked her to make one for us.   (See Jan’s table runner strips in the background?)




Vicki’s friend Sherrie had a quilt that entranced us all, and she has very kindly sent us the pattern:



Moving to the other side of the room:

I worked on this Jacob’s ladder block–using 4-patches from my “parts department” and pre-cut 3 1/2-inch strips.  I came with all the units done, but the piecing was intensive, so I didn’t really get to other projects.  I did go home with this one “webbed,” but had to make 8 more blocks to finish off the pattern on either side.  They are all done now.


Gail was working on the most beautiful plaids–making a quilt of her own design:


Mary spent the two days hand-quilting this quilt and trying out different names for it.



Sharon worked on a back for a bright, modern, graphic quilt with lots of shades of green.  I missed getting a picture of it.  But here’s Sharon with a gorgeous pillowcase she was making.


And here’s a strip for another quilt like the completed one.


Linda worked on making selvage blocks–lots of them.  (You can see how much space we had in this photo.  That’s my machine back of Linda.)



The pile is growing, growing…


Jan Kelsey worked on several projects.  This one involves postcards her grandparents collected on a trip to Europe in the 1920s.  Jan scanned them and printed them onto fabric.  (Don’t miss her gorgeous vest.)


(This picture is a bit dark.)



Jan’s friend “Mac” worked on several quilts for grandchildren–each gorgeous.


Such pretty fabrics!


And I have by no means captured all the fun, work, laughter, and fun hours that we spent together.

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